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Trade - Chase H.Q. for Jackie Chan

Started by fsa, 02/25/2022, 03:32 PM

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Would this be a good trade; a loose copy of Chase H.Q. for Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu loose also for the turbografx-16?
Looking for TG16 games I don't have already.


Hey fsa, I don't remember if we ever talked before and I noticed you logging in a few times over the last few months. I dunno how you learned of my relaunched forum, but it hasn't really happened yet and most don't know about it so just FYI, only a few of us are around so far...


So looking at current trading prices on eBay, Jackie Chan sells for $15-$20 more. I think more replay value is in the racing game (I played Chase H.Q. at the arcades), but not sure if you're asking in terms of game quality and/or money. Looks like they're both cheap enough to buy CIC if you're serious...