Pcenginefx eBay Lot: Super Air Zonk SCD, Dracula X, Shadow of the Beast, Exile..

Started by PCEngineFX, 08/03/2009, 12:35 PM

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Super Air Zonk's!!! <<thumbs up>>.....  i will watch this one to see where the price goes.


Looks like it hit pretty much $300 bucks. 

Interesting to see M&M III go for so much.


Its not really that odd I don't think.  A lot of these games dont show up very often on eBay and when they do they are usually Buy it Now.  Having the games up as auctions gives a hell of alot more people the chance to not only see the game for an extended length of time but to bid.  Not just the first guy that sees it buying it and its gone.  So really if you consider these being auctions and not being able to just snatch the game up fast these games are going to go for apretty high price.
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Quote from: oldskool on 08/11/2009, 01:25 PMInteresting to see M&M III go for so much.
Indeed.  I can recall seeing copies of both Super Air Zonk and Might & Magic III sold in recent times (in conventional auctions no less), most all of which sold for about half of what Mr. Nanto received.  He's picked a good time to sell, what with the current round of new-comers driving up the prices.
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