OMG! ZIRIA! ZIRIA!! ZIRIA!!! IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!! 34 YEARS LATER!! The epic/legendary Tengai Makyou/Far East of Eden: Ziria JRPG has finally been localized! Supper the Subtitler struck again! Simply unstoppable, NOTHING can prevent him from TOTAL PCECD localization domination!!!! WHACHA GONNA DO BROTHER?!?!
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Hi all, long time lurker...more active over on


Thought I'd post up a score since I've been playing this more and more.  I think my ball control skills have improved, knowing where to hit it on the flippers. You can rack up a ton of points just in the bottom and middle boards. I found the key was to get your castle guard then keep making the skulls explode on either side of the flippers to increase your multiplier. There was twice I was maxed out on bonus points with a blue ball and then broke the eggs by the dragon so the skull opens his mouth to get 4X the bonus points. The score jumps then.

I think if you breaks the eggs enough, you'll get a free ball. Then there is if you get the 3 jellies all orange, you get an extra ball. There is something also with the Druids but haven't figured it out.