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Mister FPGA and PCE\TG16

Started by technozombie, October 26, 2018, 07:57:57 AM

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I've been thinking about toying around with the Mister FPGA and I was wondering if anyone here has tried the TG16\PCE core and how well it works?



Mister FPGA ? Had to Google it.

I was wondering when we'll get a PCE/TG16 FPGA knockoff console considering all the other retro consoles of that era have. Original NEC hardware isn't gonna last indefinitely after all even with needed capacitor replacement.

Anyway, found this video by SmokeMonster to intro this "Mister" business.


Yeah, I've seen some of his videos. It's what got me interested in it originally. I was curious if anyone here and tried it yet. I know it doesn't work with CD games at the moment which is a let down, but perhaps in the future. I told my wife I want one for Christmas so I guess I'll know more then.