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User Watch: "Saibot"
« on: January 25, 2011, 02:23:38 AM »
Below is an email I received from nectarsis about a conversation Saibot was having in the shoutbox.  Again, shoutbox comments are fair game so I am not doing anything to Saibot for his behavior and suggested that nectarsis just ignore him.  I am though documenting this for future reference.

\\\\\Begin email message\\\\\

This has been a fairly constant level of dreck here lately.  I got into with Saibot as his retardation has been annoying/pissing off more than a few people.  He says" the internet isn't real life, I''ll act however the fuck I want", etc.  I'm all for having fun/taling shit, etc on here...but there's certain people that just have no respect for anyone else on here..just gotten old.

[Sat 13:24] <Saibot> if they do then just smack them around a little bit like chop does to his bitches when they get out of line
[Sat 13:23] <Saibot> so there shouldnt be any teeth marks
[Sat 13:23] <M0N0PH0NIC> You've gotta pick 2
[Sat 13:23] <Saibot> dont worry i tought them how to suck dick ahead of time too
[Sat 13:20] <M0N0PH0NIC> Mmmm strum on some tits
[Sat 13:20] <M0N0PH0NIC>  d'oh!
[Sat 13:19] <Saibot> ill invite u over for some tea and strumpets
[Sat 13:19] <Saibot> sorry man im running low on cash, i had to spring for turkish hookers. next time ill spring for the good stuff and get you some russian ones
[Sat 13:17] <M0N0PH0NIC> I hope its booger green Gez
[Sat 13:17] <M0N0PH0NIC> You better not be sharing hookers without me
[Sat 13:17] <geralds> wtf a green  Think
[Sat 13:17] <M0N0PH0NIC> Whats going on in here?
[Sat 13:17] <M0N0PH0NIC> ruffles
[Sat 13:16] <M0N0PH0NIC> And 3Dhoes
[Sat 13:16] <Saibot> dinner for sinners
[Sat 13:16] <Saibot> yes
[Sat 13:16] <Saibot> sn00tz
[Sat 13:16] <M0N0PH0NIC> He luvs teh gina
[Sat 13:16] <Saibot> i heard he likes 3doi
[Sat 13:15] <Saibot> i think i know him too
[Sat 13:15] <Saibot> oh ok
[Sat 13:14] <Saibot> does he like vaGINA
[Sat 13:14] <M0N0PH0NIC> He loves sex
[Sat 13:14] <M0N0PH0NIC> Some motherfucker I know
[Sat 13:13] <M0N0PH0NIC> /me skypes Vic
[Sat 13:13] <Saibot> WHO
[Sat 13:11] <M0N0PH0NIC> Wheres Vic @
[Sat 13:10] <geralds> oh i see
[Sat 13:10] <M0N0PH0NIC> I was gonna get an hemroid phone, not digging its style though
[Sat 13:09] <The Old Rover> it's way too slow to be useful though
[Sat 13:09] <M0N0PH0NIC> Because its better than an hemroid emulator
[Sat 13:09] <The Old Rover> the Android SDk comes with an emulator; I was trying it out
[Sat 13:07] <geralds> lol why do you want an andriod emulator?
[Sat 13:06] <The Old Rover> I started up the Android emulator and I fell asleep just waiting for it to boot up
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