OMG! ZIRIA! ZIRIA!! ZIRIA!!! IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!! 34 YEARS LATER!! The epic/legendary Tengai Makyou/Far East of Eden: Ziria JRPG has finally been localized! Supper the Subtitler struck again! Simply unstoppable, NOTHING can prevent him from TOTAL PCECD localization domination!!!! WHACHA GONNA DO BROTHER?!?!
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General Gaming / Re: Xbox One
04/18/2018, 06:57 PM
I actually really liked Blast Corps.  I was glad to see it on there!  But no, Banjo Kazooie.  And everyone who knows me knows that!
General Gaming / Re: Xbox One
04/17/2018, 11:44 PM
And I got one specifically for a remaster of a 20 year old game...
I have an English don Quixote of you're interested
General Gaming / Re: Xbox One
04/11/2018, 09:24 AM
The 4k bluray playback is appealing.  Unfortunately I was cheap when I bought a 4k tv and didnt opt for one with hdr.  Not sure how much it really helps though.

I grabbed super luckys tale.   Heard it was decent and exclusive and it was cheap.
General Gaming / Re: Xbox One
04/11/2018, 09:20 AM
I already play pubg on PC.  That was kind of the issue with the xbox was that it overlapped PC so much.  If I hadn't spent a bunch on a video card then the xbox probably would have been more appealing.  What is the xbonex equivalent to.. a 1060, 1070?   I have a 1070 in the pc...  Perhaps I should grab a racing game just for giggles.  Can't say I've played one much since the old Gran Turismos.  I've heard mention of Ori several times.  Probably should give that a shot.
Mario and Rabbids is very incremental like that.  You can play for a few hours, leave it a while and go back pretty easily.
General Gaming / Re: Xbox One
04/10/2018, 09:24 PM
My buddy bought me an xbone x.  I only wanted an S, but he went over the top.  I really only wanted it for one game... Rare Replay.  Guess I outta find some other stuff worthwhile to use it for.
Mario and Rabbids...  Get it now.  Totally blew away my expectations.  And the music is top notch from Grant Kirkhope.
He's still president?  Sad...

But seriously, how is he still president and how do his supports still support him?  I cant figure it out.
Off-Topic / Re: Secret Santa 2017
11/12/2017, 07:41 PM
You want to be my secret santa Desh?  I too completely spaced it!
Stupid photobucket ruined everything lol
I need to go back through all my photobucket stuff and relocate things... sigh
What does paying low skill labor a livable wage have to do with people who have better skills and degrees?  Of course those people should be paid more.  Unfortunately out corporate run country doesn't want to pay anyone decently.   Why have wages basically been flat for the last forty years despite massive productivity gains?

The right has been pushing this trickle down economic theory for so long and we've tried it.  It doesn't trickle down.  It's like telling Mexico they can have whatever water trickles down to them in the Colorado River... guess what that shits dry by the time it hits the border because we've taken it all.
The whole minimum wage thing is so frustrating.  The right wants to pay people peanuts so they can boost corporate profits.  The left wants people to make enough to survive.

My opinion?  If you want an employee then you should pay a living wage.  That person is committing their time and labor to your company.  Whether its pushing carts, flipping burgers, or sitting behind a desk managing billions of dollars.  They are a human being committing their time to your company.  That is worth at least a livable wage.  If you cant afford that, then you cant afford to have an employee.  Build a robot instead.

The latest argument I'm seeing now is that price gouging during disasters is GOOD?  What the actual fuck?  They say it promotes companies to get goods where they are needed, prevents hoarding blah blah blah.  All I see if that you're ripping off people who are down because you can.  Companies shouldn't need a financial incentive to take care of their customers when they are in need.  Those customers take care of the company all year round, year after year.  The one time a disaster hits and their customers need help, the company should suck it up and help, not take advantage of them.  These are people we are talking about... not numbers on  spreadsheet.
What happened to our old resident nazi xray?  He made cool signs...
Zeta's comment about a Miata hard top reminds me that at some point I'll need to drop a few grand on a top for my old BMW convertible... They're pretty much to the point where if you find one, you buy it.
I want one just because it looks cool.  I'm afraid it just wont happen though with all the scalper flippers.  Kind of like the whole video game scene now.  Its just not as much fun anymore since its more about money than games.
If the end result is a possible over-current situation on data lines in the CPUs and RAM chips, could we not just add some heatsinks to the various chips in our consoles to accommodate the extra heat production?
What I find amazing is for how much bitching the GOP did over Obamacare for the last seven years, how did they come up with such an obviously shit plan?  Seven years and all they have is a taxcut plan with age based, not income based tax credits that barely cover nothing?

What happened to Trumps plan?  "I've got a plan, a really good plan!  Everyone will be covered!  Its going to be great just wait!  Its almost done!"  and then we get this shit.  Well done Trump voters.  Well done indeed.  Its ok though, his presidency is really going to hurt the poor white working class that voted for him.

Honestly, I really dont see how anyone can still defend the guy.  Its obvious he's a fraud.
Health Care Reform... AKA tax cut for the rich?
Sam hooked me up as well.  It arrived several weeks ago
Even with everything going on, Trump's supporters are still over the top committed to the guy.  He can do no wrong in their eyes
His other executive order freezing all federal hiring is straight up lazy.  On the surface it sounds like it would save money, but the truth is it ends up costing more and creating a lot of trouble for federal agencies just trying to do their jobs.

I wonder how long I'll have my job since I work for a DOE laboratory in research that guys like Trump are too stupid to see the value in.

In case anyone wants some info.  Its old, but its been a while since a president was stupid enough to try this crap.
It's funny how people blame Obama for the huge deficit starting in 2008 but fail to remember the reason for that deficit.  The economy was in free fall when he took office.  Tax revenues were down and stimulus was needed to prevent a total depression.  Many credible economists have credited Obama with preventing a depression through strong action early in the recession.  Failing to prevent a depression could have easily caused far greater deficits.  Why won't anyone recognize what an awful mess Obama walked into when he took office?  All things considered I think he did pretty damn well.  Unemployment was over 10% when he started, now it's under 5%.  The stock market has tripled since he took office so the wealthy are doing great.

I hope conservatives prove me wrong for our countries sake but I'm not optimistic in the least.
Best Steam game?  Nights Into Dreams.... grab a PS4 or xbox controller and thank me.  You can even run the game at 4k if you want...
Check the discs themselves for the numbers.  That's a quick way to tell US from Japan.  US games start with like PEASU while Japan games are PEASJ or something like that.
Quote from: EvilEvoIX on 01/16/2017, 11:55 AM
Quote from: BlueBMW on 01/12/2017, 12:04 AMAll I will say is you conservatives better not fuck this up.  This is your chance.  You've got all the power.  Prove to me that you guys aren't full of shit.
That's the wrong attitude, we don't have to prove shit to you.  There is this arrogance afloat like liberals are in charge still and need to approve everything or its not valid.  Hollywood has been hammering this idea recently with video after video bitching to the middle/working class how their ideology is correct and everyone else is racist.

That's over.

What you are going to see is a wrecking ball with zero fucks given no matter how much you complain, finger point, name call; doesn't matter.  The Right has the House, the Senate, the White House, and soon the Supreme Court.  After RBG croaks it'll swing hard right, enjoy.
So I say again, conservatives better not fuck this up.  You won, now put up or shut up.  Conservatives say their way is best, I think they're full of shit.  Their way is best if your rich, white and male.  Here's your chance.  The country is in a lot better shape starting out than what Bush left Obama so no excuses.  We will watch and when poor white America figures out they've been scammed and sold out there will be change.  It won't be pleasant.
All I will say is you conservatives better not fuck this up.  This is your chance.  You've got all the power.  Prove to me that you guys aren't full of shit.
I still have no idea if I can come or not.  I'd like to try though!
Off-Topic / Re: Secret Santa 2016
12/27/2016, 09:41 AM
My Santa hooked me up something fierce!  I'll get a picture tonight if I can.  I hope my recipients arrived on time....

Esteban, did you get my "package"?
I had a full US hucard set minus magical chase a few years back.  Everything went stupid, so I switched over to using the everdrive and a PC engine system.  I think I still own maybe 8 US hucards, but that's it.  This whole hobby has gone stupid.  I said let the stupid ones pay the big moneys and have at it.
Off-Topic / Re: Secret Santa 2016
12/21/2016, 12:25 AM
That button is awesome!

FINALLY mailed out my stuffs today.  I'm a bad santa :(
I believe in the units I've worked on that cap location was left empty.
Off-Topic / Re: Secret Santa 2016
12/15/2016, 11:50 AM
I'm shipping tomorrow!

Gypsy, if I'm not your recipient, feel free to PM me.  Maybe I have what you ordered and could supply it in the interim?
Now Exxon Mobile CEO for Sec of State?

I am truly curious what those of you who die hard supported Trump think about all of this?  You all were so vocal and boastful when Trump won, but now you've all gone silent.  Is this what you wanted? 

We've been experiencing increasing inequality since the 70s and the top 1% already gets 80% of all new wealth generated in this country.  Now we're stacking the executive branch with all 1%ers expecting that they will somehow help the middle class?  Trickle down economics has not worked for the majority of people.  Reagan may have been your savior, but his ideas have done naught but hurt regular working people.

I'll say it again, if you Republicans can prove me wrong and pull this off, do it.  I truly feel like we are in for more hard times though.  Wont matter though, they'll just blame Obama for it.
I see Trump is draining the swamp nicely...
Off-Topic / Re: BAH! HUMBUG.
12/08/2016, 11:16 AM
Home Alone 1 and 2... every year.

Oh and the 1999 A Christmas Carol with Patrick Stewart... love it.

As far as games:

Christmas Nights of course
Banjo Kazooie - Freezeezy Peak
Looks like just a MIDI out port.  Its also got a SCSI IO bus connector I'm assuming you could connect to use the unit as an external CDROM.
If anyone wants one of these units I've got one.  Not sure what to use it for exactly so it just sits.
Actual Laseractive controllers add a bit, so the $400 shipped is probably about right.  Theyre just uncommon.  There is one ebay seller, thekobos who can usually find them.  If you can look him up and shoot him a message with what you're looking for he may be able to help.  He's in Japan and can sometimes find stuff for a decent price.
A JP pac should cost you $250 to $300 depending of if its been recapped or not.  A US pac will run probably $700+ these days, maybe more.
Keith Courage is good peeps.  A full recap will get you back playing again!
In my opinion this hobby really has gone downhill and is dying.  I'm basically done with it and I know many other old timers that are the same way.  It was fun in my 20s, but now in my 30s I want to do other things.  People don't seem to play much of anything anymore.  The goal now is to buy something rare, post on facebook, watch e-penis grow, rinse and repeat.  When people stop paying attention to you, switch over to another system.  Sell everything for max profit and go again. 

I'm in the process of significantly reducing how much stuff I have.  A quick count of the stuff I plan to keep puts me under 300 games total.  Still a lot, but far more manageable than before.  I'm tired of moving stuff.  I let my PVM go to a friend.  All I have left is a little 20" toshiba and a framemeister.  Everdrives let me play anything I let go of that I just have to play and emulators fill in the rest.

Its sad, but if we look back, we had a fun run over the last decade or two.  The late 90s through the 2000s were a great time to be into retrogaming.  Since 2010 though its been in an increasing decline.  Id say by 2020 it may not matter anymore.  I may be around then, but it wont be buying / selling / modding or anything like that anymore.
Lookup his username on this forum.  I believe he is in California.
Your best bet might be to send it to someone like thesteve to figure out.  We've covered all the usual suspects.
Many of you know I'm pretty left.  I was/am a diehard Sanders fan.  I believe there is a lot of merit in the European way of doing things.  I really feel like this country has gone downhill since Reagan.  I feel like trickle down economics have really hurt the lower and middle class working people of this country.

All that said. I am willing to give the GOP this chance.  They have full control, Presidency, House, Senate and Supreme Court (for the rest of my life unfortunately)  If they can somehow pull it off and "Make America Great" and somehow get the middle class back on its feet without just completely destroying the ecology of this planet, I could be converted.  Ill keep an open mind as best I can.  This is your chance GOP, if you don't deliver, it will be your end.
The connector in the Supergrafx is a little bit different.  The pins are the same, but the plastic holding them is different.  The Duos, core systems, TG16, shuttle, and even the laseractive PACs all use basically the same hucard slot but the supergrafx is different.  It has more plastic to make the angled slot that the supergrafx boasts.
Unless you have bent / damaged pins, its usually not necessary to change out the card slot itself.  The Supergrafx card slot is unique in its shape compared to the other systems.  You might be able to make something work, but a direct replacement would have to come from another supergrafx.  It may be worth checking continuity on each trace from the hucard slot pins back to wherever they go.  Like steve and I said, cracked boards are rediculously common on the Supergrafx and it can sometimes be hard to find.  Even a tiny crack can break a few traces but barely be visible through the solder mask.  Best of luck!
Dat marketing tho!