OMG! ZIRIA! ZIRIA!! ZIRIA!!! IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!! 34 YEARS LATER!! The epic/legendary Tengai Makyou/Far East of Eden: Ziria JRPG has finally been localized! Supper the Subtitler struck again! Simply unstoppable, NOTHING can prevent him from TOTAL PCECD localization domination!!!! WHACHA GONNA DO BROTHER?!?!
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Thanks, Keith for your help. I will try to replace the middle gear.

On a related note, I've also noticed during the past few years that when the cd player loads, it occasionally shudders a bit, and then has to reload. Do you think that's related to the middle gear as well?
Hi, my Turbografx CD player won't always spin when I press the run button at the system card screen. When I press run, the PC light comes on, I hear the system try to engage the CD (it makes a noise for about a second), but then it stops and nothing happens.   

It's been like this for maybe 6 months, but it's getting worse. I finally got a cd to play today, but it took many tries. I've noticed, though, if I play frequently, maybe a few times a week, the cd will usually spin fine. But I have trouble when I let the system sit for longer periods.

Anyone have any ideas? Maybe the laser gears need lubrication? It sounds like it's gummed up. Once the CD plays, it plays fine and the load times are normal. Thanks for your help.
Use Moo Moo in the last stage! No other budy compares. Powerful milk blast
The whole genre discussion is interesting. Categories are about precision, but their contents are not very precise. I think Mario has really influenced how I think of platform games since Bonk's Revenge, New Adventure Island, Jackie Chan are the three that pop into my head. I mean, Jackie Chan is a really great game.
Received my games today. Just played through Bonk III. Kind of funny hearing King Drool scream like Godzilla.

Thanks to all. Feeling the Bern.
For me it's a wash between the two games, although for nostalgic reasons I like the first game a tad bit more (it was one of the first games I had as a kid). The second game makes some improvements as others have mentioned (8 directions, multiple staffs, more stuff to do), but the first game excels in other ways. I think the writing in the first game is much better (Old Wise Mother and Dirth are poetically formulaic), which pulls me in a bit more. The characters is the second game aren't very memorable. I also like the look of the first game a bit more. The second game is a bit cartoony. And, I'm sure others will disagree, but I like the music in the first game better. The crypt music in the second game isn't very good, although the lava level music really stands out. Dirth's theme in the first game is awesome, some of the best hucard music. So I like the feel and presentation of the first game, while the game play is slightly better in the second. But I'm mostly nitpicking. Can't go wrong with either game. 
In 2002, I bought a new Turbo CD player from TZD for $130. I also still have the receipt and the huge box it came in- they shipped it using that box. More importantly, since I never got a duo, I still play games on it. They didn't even advertise it on their website. I called up and at some point told the rep that I wished I could play CD games. He let me in on their secret that they had just a few cd units, and offered to sell one to me (I think for being a regular costumer but who knows). Lucky break, especially at that price! I can't imagine how much it would go for today.
Quote from: technozombie on 04/15/2015, 11:55 AMAnyways, I know this has been talked about a million times but I always feel like using the rapid fire for something like that is cheating. Maybe that's why I don't get very far in Legendary Axe.
Rapid fire only helps so much. I think the reason you don't get very far is because LA is tough.
You'll need to collect the wings from stage 1 and 2 to increase the axe speed- if you die before you get to the boulder, you'll lose attack speed. So, you know, don't die. Turn the turbo switch up, and hold the attack button as the boulder approaches. Just stay in place, no jumping or anything. You might get hit once, but that should do the trick.
Thanks for the offer grache. I have another adapter on the way, but if it doesn't work out I'll message you.
Pm'd for Fatal Fury Special, R-type, Sidearms Special
Quote from: grache on 01/10/2015, 12:46 AMI have a Hori 6 button controller and it works fine on a TG-16 with an adapter.
That's good to know- is it the same adapter that I linked above?
Quote from: guest on 01/09/2015, 11:10 AMThis might be a dumb question, but do you have the 2/6 button switch set correctly?
I do. I also tried Street Fighter II on either setting and nothing happens.
I recently bought a Hori 6 button pad to use on my Turbografx using a controller adapter. It doesn't work- the controller doesn't respond. I've noticed that when I gently move around the end of the adapter that connects to the turbo, the games will react to that. For example, I was playing Blazing Lazers and the ship started moving in one direction, but I wasn't pressing anything. The adapter also seems to connect the the turbo pretty loosely, so maybe the connection is poor.

This is the adapter-

I don't think the issue is the controller. I can't test the adapter since I don't have another pc engine controller. Does this sound like a common issue for a faulty adapter? Or maybe the controller and adapter are incompatible some how? Thanks for any help.
I prefer cic, although when I was a kid (been playing turbo since '89) I took all my hucards out of the jewel cases. I guess I liked that it took up less space. Today, I have no idea where the cases went- probably the dump. I know- it actually still bugs me today, years later. So I recently made custom cases out of cd jewel cases. I broke the center teeth out, used small velcro dimes to keep the hucards in place. Using a photoshop template, I printed out rear inserts, which also have end labels on each side. The end labels even look like the later spine stickers (not the orange ones). For games without manuals, I printed out image of the manual and placed it in the front slot of the case. It was a bit of work considering all of my hucards were loose. But now they all have cases. This is my long winded way of saying I try to buy games in cases now- it's easier to keep track of them and looks nicer. I don't care about the boxes all that much.
Nice, please add me to the list
Nice, please sign me up.
I'm surprised Ballistix has so many votes. It's not great, but I don't think it's one of the worst. It's repetitive for sure, but it's not bad especially with two players. It's a futuristic air hockey, pinball... soccer... shooter game. How can you go wrong?  :wink:
I like the ending of bonk III. Hudson knew it was over. And it was sort of sad with the music and Hudson's message to the "Bonk kids." That was the best part for me, which isn't saying much. Although the music in the 7th stage/Drool battle is very good.

Overall, though, as much as Bonk holds sentimental value to me (see avatar) especially the fist two games, there is simply no challenge in each Bonk game. They are too easy, which I think is the biggest problem with the series.
Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: Reverse duo tap?
09/23/2014, 10:12 PM
Thanks for the suggestions. I even have an old turbo tap somewhere, although there's something wrong with it- so maybe that won't work.

PCE taps are pretty common on ebay, so I could look into that. If anyone here has one, let me know.
Awesome, please count me in.
Buy/Sell/Trade / Reverse duo tap?
09/20/2014, 04:02 PM
Several years back, TZD sold reverse duo taps, which allowed one to use duo and pc engine controllers on the turbografx. Does anyone have one of these they would like to sell? I'd like to use the avenue 6 pad on my turbografx, and figured this might be the way to go, (as opposed to buying a single controller adapter), although I imagine they are hard to find. Thanks.
This is based off of memory, but I've played the game many times. At first when he circles you, stay in the middle but move along with him. You have to know when to shoot and when to dodge. Learn his shooting pattern, and obviously anticipate when to avoid his projectile. When he is not shooting, continually shoot him (turbo switches are up, where they should be).

During the second part where he moves across the screen, use a bit of patience. Continually shoot him while avoiding his projectile. I think he throws boomerangs too at this point. Deflect them with your knife as they approach you. You really just have to figure out his pattern.
I think I've beaten this game 20 times in the last 15 years, but every time I play it, it's a good time. In fact, I just played it last week. It never gets old for me. And the soundtrack is awesome! This game and Air Zonk are my two favorite pick up and go games on the turbo. 

'Do you know how to fly one of these, bro?'
Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: Dragon Slayer Trade
06/25/2014, 10:55 PM
Quote from: guest on 06/25/2014, 09:43 PMI've got the boxed TV Sports Trilogy... pretty rare. Hit me up if interested.
I got to tell you- that... that sounds awful. Unless you can sweeten the deal with TV Sports Baseball.
Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: Dragon Slayer Trade
06/25/2014, 08:27 PM
I haven't tried to part with this game in awhile, so I'll try again- I still have this game if anyone is interested in a turbo trade. Message me a trade idea.
Turbo Forever
Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: Dragon Slayer Trade
01/20/2013, 12:25 PM
Here are some pictures.

Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: Dragon Slayer Trade
01/16/2013, 05:56 PM
Quote from: guest on 01/16/2013, 04:35 PM
Quote from: Bake on 01/16/2013, 02:43 PMSome games that interest me: Dungeon Explorer II  :mrgreen:
Oh you are so sneaky. ;)

I got a Complete in Case copy the other day for only $30 from a retro game store. I have not played it yet though, as I am busy with Ys I and II. Maybe once I beat it, i may consider this trade, but Dragon Slayer is far below the value of DE II.
I'm a turbo homer, but Ys book I and II is my favorite game ever.

Let me know if you decide to trade DE II- I realize it might take awhile to decide. You would certainly make my day, if that day were to come.
Buy/Sell/Trade / Dragon Slayer Trade
01/16/2013, 02:43 PM

I have an extra copy of Dragon Slayer: Legend of Heroes that I would like to trade for another turbo game(s). This game was recently purchased on ebay for $80. The game comes with its manual and jewel case (no box). The game is used, but is in good shape.

I would prefer CD games, but I'm open to any offers. Some games that interest me: Godzilla, Super Air Zonk, Dungeon Explorer II  :mrgreen:, Cotton, Beyond Shadowgate, The Dynastic Hero, Forgotten Worlds, Exile games, Fighting Street, Cadash.
PCE/TG-16|CD/SGX Discussion / JB Harold
12/03/2009, 08:16 PM
Hi everyone,

I tried searching the forum on JB, but found no solutions to my problem.

I guess there are potential spoilers in here, so just a heads up.

Has anyone beaten (or even played  :wink:) JB Harold?  I'm pretty far-- 100 on everything except I have an 87 on interrogation.  Even though I have all the evidence, information, and have interviewed everyone, I have not been able to arrest one person: Ralph Carrington.  Has anyone else had this problem?  At this point, I think arresting Ralph is the only way to progress- I've spent a long time interrogating everyone thoroughly, so I don't think that is the problem .  Problem is, there is no more information and evidence to gather that I could use against Ralph! 

Any help would be appreciated.

Quote from: OldRover on 08/13/2009, 04:13 PMSome of the comments have inaccuracies in them (like the chump who talked about "two 8 bit processors") but it's not a bad article at all.
Many articles that I've read have said that the turbo had two 8 bit processors and therefore it is not a "true" 16 bit system.  I never really understood that.  So is the Turbo a 16 bit system or what?  I'm sure this has been addressed before, but since you mentioned it...
I think a lot of turbo fans dislike Shapeshifter because it is difficult, and it takes awhile to master the levels so you don't die often (I think you can only die 9 times; after that, game over).  However, I still recommend that you purchase the game.  I liked it even though the gameplay is at times tricky (that panther!).  I even beat the game, but because it was so difficult I don't think there is a lot of replay value in it (Maybe, I'll try to beat it again someday).  So, I would start with Ys book I and II, Gate and Lords of Thunder.  Then, get Shapeshifter and whatever else you think looks fun.
I have not played my turbo in awhile, most likely because I have not gotten any new games for it lately.  So, I've decided that I should buy 2 new games with this BOGO sale for TZD.  There are three games I have in mind: Forgotten Worlds, Prince of Persia, and Riot Zone (I pretty much have all the other games of their list except for Sim Earth and Sherlock Homes.  I'm not really interested in those though).  I have never played any of these games.  Out of these 3 games, which 2 should I buy?  I heard a lot of bad things about Prince of Persia, so right now I am thinking of buying Riot Zone and Forgotten Worlds.  Any input?  OR maybe all three are worth buying??
Quote from: guest on 01/21/2007, 11:05 PMTed Bundy had a thing for killing blonde hair girls. I don't think that hair dye or natural hair color is dangerous or incites people to act violent. Blonde hair didn't influence him to kill. Ted Bundy was just messed up in the head. Same with those kids. Doom or any of the music they listened to had nothing to do with their rampage. 
According to your Bundy comment, you keep thinking that I am saying that Doom was the only reason Columbine happened and in both messages I did not say that.  I thought I made that very clear.   Whatever, it's obvious that you don't agree with me.  That's okay. 

Combinations of influences cause people to do the things they do, not just one.
Just out of curiosity nodtveidt, are you saying that there is a violent gene out there that causes people to be violent?
Quote from: guest on 01/21/2007, 05:31 PM
Quote from: Bake on 01/21/2007, 03:37 PMHowever, the boys who caused the destruction that is known as Columbine loved to play Doom.
So did/do about 100 million other people who haven't commited murder. I still can't believe that people only look at the sterotypes after the fact when others do something like that.

It's never "Well, they lived in a house. There are signs that they may have once ingested food. We're pretty sure they breathed air".

But other common traits to the rest of society get singled out when they're subjects that can still trick people into getting riled up.

Which is how 'Bowling for Columbine' got it's title. Why isn't there a national boycot of bowling?

QuoteAll I am saying is that these games are a form of influence and kids could imitate what they see.  So having ratings that are useful to parents is beneficial to society. 

Like I said before, ratings are fine. But as for kids imitiating what they see... kids entertainment is more tame now than it has ever been. Kids used to watch/read/hear cowboys & injuns shows and play army. All involving humans killing humans.

Then we got to the 80's, with MOTU, GI Joe & Transformers. Again, all out war. Followed by the violent 80's & 90's games. But you know what? There isn't a generation of serial murderers out there.

One of the kinds of modern influences that might taint kids, who shouldn't be exposed to it in the first place, is all the thung & pimp idolism. Not so much because of the 'mature' themes, but because there are many personalities that pretend to really live that lifestyle and some that are caught commiting violent acts. Other types of entertainers still commit as many violent acts and such, but when a thug clown does it, it's a real life extension of their character.

Again, we should still have this and almost any kind of entertainment, but extreme subject matter shouldn't be freely available to children. If parents want to give their children mature subject matter, that's their business. But nowadays kids who can't buy a Playboy can buy other mags and various forms of media far more sexually explicit(like Cosmo).

In the end, the real problem is parents not taking care of their kids. All you have to do is play a few rounds of a popluar online multiplayer game to see how bad it is. But even if every parent did everything right, we'd still have people doing bad things. It's human nature.
Black Tiger,
My original post was not meant to convey that Doom caused Columbine.  I said other factors were probably the reasons why the boys did what they did.  But, Doom was an influence on them.  I realize that most people can play Doom and will not go on a killing spree.  That's because they cave into societal norms and killing contradicts their constructed views of morality.  I had a feeling that sentence would not go over well.  It may have sounded like I meant, "if you play Doom you will kill people" and that is not what I am saying.  Again, the meaning of my post was to say that media will socialize people.  Movies, music, video games will affect how people think and feel, and they may or may not act on those feelings depending on other influences in their lives such as parents, peers, neighborhood environment, and societal norms and values (or a disregard for those norms and values because of feelings of alienation or something to that nature).  There is no denying that.  I'm assuming the Columbine boys had numerous influences, Doom being one of them, that caused the violence to occur.  So Dooms was NOT the sole reason but possibly one of many.  Influences cause people to do what they do.  If you don't agree with me, that's fine. 

I agree that parents have to be more involved in monitoring what games their kids are playing.   However, to say that people will continue to do bad things even if they have parents who do "everything right" and because it's "human nature" may or may not be true.  To say that humans are naturally violent or "bad" is very difficult to prove.  In fact, it is probably impossible to prove.
The Turbo never had ratings, but I'm pretty sure they had recommended ages.  It Came From the Desert has the highest age cohort; 13 and up.

I don't think ratings are a bad thing.  I don't play many of the newer games so I do not know how accurate they are.  However, some of you have suggested that playing violent video games will not cause individuals to become violent.  I would say that this isn't 100% true because games can be a form of influence.  Living in a "bad neighborhood" where violence may be a way of life could influence those living in the neighborhood to become violent.  Violent video games, although they are not real, could have a similar effect.  Yet, I would imagine that for the most part that a majority of people do not become violent because of violent video games simply because the violence is not real.  However, the boys who caused the destruction that is known as Columbine loved to play Doom.  Of course, there are other factors such as bullying and social class that could have pushed them over the edge.  All I am saying is that these games are a form of influence and kids could imitate what they see.  So having ratings that are useful to parents is beneficial to society. 

By the way, I am not a conservative and I certainly do not believe in censorship.  I am just saying that any form of media can influence they way people think and act.

Quote from: Keranu on 11/30/2006, 06:39 AM
Quote from: CrackTiger on 11/30/2006, 05:29 AMIt sounds like OOTG is an even better game than I thought, although I'll never be able to appreciate it fully.
Agreed. I have barely put any time in this game from what I've played in emulators, so I should really pick it up sometime. Great post, VestCunt; you really make the game sound awesome.
I think it's worth getting because it is probably top 3 for RPG's for the TurboGrafx.
I have to say that Shapeshifter usually gets terrible reviews due to the extreme difficulty level.  I actually beat the game tho.  Easily one of the hardest games I've played.  Altho the game was hard, I enjoyed it very much.  But the game did indeed give me a turbo rage moment.  If I remember correctly, you had 9 continues and they go quickly!  If you die often during the beginning of the game, forget it.  I had to restart from the beginning so many times just to master the first couple of levels so I wouldn't die.  Save spots are limited as well.  If you want to beat this game, master the first couple of levels without dying and save it.  Then repeat the process (master levels then try to find a save spot).  Extremely difficult but very rewarding.
YEah I remember when I was 10 trying to beat the final guy in bloody wolf- I was crying, I stomping my feet on the floor... my dad was PISSED.  haha.  But now I'm older and yeah he's still kinda hard, but he's no match for me.

Darm in Ys is usually pretty tough... The first time I ever played Ys, I finally beat him with 3 HP left.

Still to this day, I cannot beat the final guy in bomberman.  He's so hard!  Well it's hard to hit him, but the thing that kills me is when I run out of time and all those things attack me.  

The ice stage in Keith Courage was pretty hard.  I remember as a kid I loathed that level.

And of course the falling level in Ninja Spirit, that took a while to get through---all luck.

and don't get me started on Bonk's adventure
Considering they are all cd-r's, the burning process may have screwed up in some games... try and original scd game and if the game works then the cd-r's are probly causing the problem.
I don't know if this has been brought up before, but is there a usb adapter for the turbo pad so I can use it on magic engine?

It's not bad.  I got Ys from TZD a few years back for 30 bucks... brand new.  But since TZD sold them out, Ys seems to be more expensive on ebay.
OK, cool.  Thanks for the link man, I've had my eye on this game for awhile
I just bought it... altho after I bought it, I was lookin at the other games they had on their list and under dragon slayer it said to check the availibility of it so I hope I didn't shell out 50 bucks for nothing.  Thanks for the link tho
In order to beat the last boss you have to do a lot of of those foward lunging jump kicks.  Thats basically all I did inorder to beat him.  But the game is seriously way too short, it take like 25 minutes or less to beat.

But yeah, I would buy splatterhouse, it's a cool game.  I suppose it's kinda short, maybe 45 minutes long.  I can't really remember
PCE/TG-16|CD/SGX Discussion / Roms
10/02/2005, 08:35 PM
I'm sorry, I didn't realize it was a rule.  Ignorance on my part.  I don't post on video game message boards often so I had no idea.  This is the only one I am apart of.  I apologize, I just wish someone could have told me that I was wrong for my post in a more civilized manner.
PCE/TG-16|CD/SGX Discussion / Roms
10/02/2005, 06:07 PM
Quote from: "PCEngineHell"emuasylum has a nice set of roms,but crap man,your on Pcenginefx baby,we dopnt stoop that low here,right guys...right?....Hey guys right????

I have 60 games so don't worry about that.  I usually download the game and if I like it, I buy it.

And no my google isn't broken, I just cant find a site that has a good selection of turbo grafx roms.  

What's with the hostility, it was a simple question.  If someone asks me a question I don't give them the answer and call them a retard.  Childish