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Gunhed FX1 (romhack)

Started by Phase, May 03, 2016, 02:54:47 AM

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Gunhed FX1 rom hack is a modified version of Gunhed/Blazing Lazers
It is modified to make the game more challenging and give people who played it many times something a little different.


The patch is easy to apply you just need the rom.
Instructions in the readme.

Don't expect a different game though this is my first rom hack. I just altered some things to give myself something different to play once in a while instead of the original.

Changes are:
Only have 1 ship/life
Disabled 1 ups
No continues
Ship and weapon colors changed
Slight modifications to hud
Some sound fx have been changed or muted if annoying(blue comets)
Power up behavior altered (no sway)
Only need to put the difficulty code in once for all difficulty settings to be available
Speed starts at level 3 instead of 2
Disabled sound test screen do to level select cheats
a few other small things possibly

Let me know if you find any bugs or problems, and let me know if it works fine on an everdrive (I haven't got around to getting one yet) I tested this in the three emulators and didn't find any problems yet.

If you don't need more of a challenge it may be fun to play through a few times and see how far you can get.


Just downloaded. Most likely will try it out this weekend after getting a wisdom tooth pulled and on vicodin and beer. :) With my Everdrive and SuperGrafx.



I don't think that I've seen a "hack" like this on the PCE, it's nice to see such a good game getting a bit of love.



That's awesome... I'llI'll fire it up shortly.

So what changes have you made..? - definitive hardware listing for all PC Engine and Turbo Grafx systems.



Yet one more reason I need to figure out how to use my TED.

SD card + card reader...I need to get those items.


Maybe if I update this i can alter the story a bit.. Punch has failed and destroyed all the standard Gunhed ships  :P

Ok I updated the first post with the changes

I was going to mod a few of the weapons but then it would have made the game easier and my initial goal was just to make a 1 life mode of the game.

Was thinking about starting a high score thread but instead of a high score the goal is just to pass the game and we could just list people in order.




Quote from: guest on May 04, 2016, 10:29:00 AM1 life?  I'm fucked.
You still gotta try it and see how far you get  [-X
Its probably easier than the last two difficulties in the original game.


Awesome! I'll have to give it a shot.


Last I checked, the graphics are uncompressed but stored in a weird 3bit odd tile format (title screen is 8x7 tile format). Have you thought about doing a graphic hack?


Can someone PM me some info on where to find the file needed to apply this patch? I've tried numerous versions and keep getting a checksum error.


sent yah a pm roflmao

Quote from: TurboXray on May 05, 2016, 11:43:32 PMLast I checked, the graphics are uncompressed but stored in a weird 3bit odd tile format (title screen is 8x7 tile format). Have you thought about doing a graphic hack?
It would be cool to edit some grafx, I did play around with editing some graphic stuff in a save state in yychr to see what it would do.
I see it there toward the end of the rom when I look in yychr in 3bpp snes mode it looks similar to how the vram in mednafen displays the title screen text but I cant get it very clear, even when hitting the plus button. I did try to edit the one drop down to 8x7 but it didn't seem to help. I must be doing it wrong. any tips?


I used tilemolester and had custom planar order (2bit and 3bit). But this was years ago. It could be some of the tiles/sprites are compressed. I could have sworn that sprites were stored in 8xN instead of 16xN format, and converted on the fly. But it's been a long time since I looked at it.

 Edit: For tilemolester, just edit the XML file to create new planar layouts/formats. I did like 3bit and 4bit sequential, and 2bit interleaved planar + 1bit planar, etc.


Thanks for the info, I used tilemolester and tried to edit the xml, but couldn't figure out how to add interleaved in there. You wouldn't happen to still have your xml file for tm? There is an interleaved button in the editor menu but I'm guessing your mixing it with the 1bitplaner. I did make a new composite that uses three 1bitplanners (with plane order 0) and was able to get stuff to show up pretty good. This and using 2bit composite and 1bit planer I was able to mess around with editing stuff but its pretty hard to get the right colors you want with the different layers and all. So I'm not sure if I want to spend too much time editing many objects unless I could do it easier. I did find the ship and bomb icon and replace them with something smaller like I originally wanted to. but then I had to deactivate the gold ship in the hex because I couldn't find the gold ship tiles. But with zero lives I should have done that anyways. (Getting the power up will still pull a screen-clear of enemies).

Here's a before and after of the hud

I'll wait and see if there's any feedback on the original patch before I upload the new version encase I need to add any changes.



Here is the updated version with the final hud changes and two patches included (for rom with or without a header) (just use the first patch that is successful) (took a page from cabbage and included both)


Holy Jesus I forgot about this.

This weekend I have to find my TED.

I said the same thing over a year and a half ago.

This is troubling.