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New PC-FX game in the works

Started by OldRover, April 01, 2018, 06:53:29 PM

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Courtesy of SaruPro on Facebook:

"So now that we have finally finished FX-Unit Yuki, I have decided to announce the next spin-off game in the series. Yuki has mysteriously disappeared! And without the FX-Unit? Nobuyuki discovers he can now operate the FX-Unit. However, how will it work now that Nobu is the user? Find out in the newest entry by SaruPro, FX-Unit Nobu!"



Ha! Now there's a niche market to attack!

I wonder how different the coding aspect is jumping from PCE to PCFX. Wait... unless this isn't a PCFX game  :-s

Glad to see you guys wanna keep it up! I in no way got totally fooled!  :derpcat: