OMG! ZIRIA! ZIRIA!! ZIRIA!!! IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!! 34 YEARS LATER!! The epic/legendary Tengai Makyou/Far East of Eden: Ziria JRPG has finally been localized! Supper the Subtitler struck again! Simply unstoppable, NOTHING can prevent him from TOTAL PCECD localization domination!!!! WHACHA GONNA DO BROTHER?!?!
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I haven't played Psychic Storm in ages so loaded it up on my Pi and it totally feels like a sequel to Cyber Core! The ships look and evolve kinda similarly, the sound effects are similar. I think it looks, plays and sounds better than Cyber Core, but that's probably because it's a CD game.

Is this a "duh" moment for me? Is there really a connection between the two games or am I just seeing things?
Off-Topic / KC TurboFest
06/04/2017, 12:28 AM
In about a month I'll be hosting a small TurboFest at my place all weekend long.

Starting Friday evening and running until Sunday afternoon ( 6/30-7/2), we'll be playing Turbografx-16, PC Engine, and maybe some other stuff all day and until we drop. I've sent the wife and kiddo on vacation. All who wish to obey are welcome to come by! I live just outside of Kansas City, in Lee's Summit. PM me if you're interested in joining in the festivities.

A handful of Obeyers have already signed on, but the more the merrier. You're all welcome to crash at my place, though I don't have much space to sleep, so think about bringing a sleeping bag or air mattress.

I've made up special pins to give to all who attend. So if you come by, you'll be super elite!
General Gaming / Wii U Noob
12/20/2015, 02:35 PM
I picked up a Wii U bundle with Super Mario Maker for my son for Christmas and want to know more about the console.  What games should I pick up (either for the 7yr old or for me!), what should I avoid, etc.  I skipped the Wii, but hear it's compatible so if there are any must own games (especially if they're cheap), let me know!

It sounds as if it's not compatible with Gamecube discs, which is unfortunate.  I'd love to be able to play those games with something better than composite cables. :/
General Gaming / Ys DOS game
06/18/2015, 11:22 PM
I was digging through a spindle of really old PC CDs and stumbled across one a friend made me back in the early 00s.  It's mostly made up of game demos from that time, but one thing of note is a copy of Ys! It looks like it was the version that was released for DOS back in 1989.

I made a quick little gameplay video (<2 min.) using my cellphone just to show it off.
I put it in my Dropbox, so if anyone is interested in checking it out, shoot me a PM (it's only about 300k zipped!). If I'm not allowed to share it, let me know and I'll edit my post.
I love pinball and found out about this deal earlier today.

For as little as $1 you can get 9 pinball tables (3 Star Wars related, 3 Marvel related and 3 other). Normally the core engine is $10 and each table is $3. I've spent a good chunk of this evening playing these tables and they are all sorts of fun (although not Alien/Devil's Crush fun). And they run great on my 7yr old laptop!

So I wanted to pass it along in case others were interested.
Steam currently has both Saints Row IV and Grad Theft Auto IV on sale for $5. I've never played any of the Saints Row games and haven't played a GTA game since 3 on the PS2. Are either of these worth picking up?

P.S. - I hate this time of the year.  Steam is the devil and knows how to take my money.  I just picked up Terraria and Fallout 3 for about $5 (total!). And I'm tempted to pick up The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition which I think is $3.

P.P.S. - What I'm saying is one of these has to be stellar for me to jump on it.  My backlog doesn't need another game I'll never play no matter how cheap it cost. :)
I've only read a couple of his Drizzt books, but really enjoyed them.

In conjunction with the release of the latest D&D, audible has a bunch of Salvatore's Drizzt books available for free! 

I didn't have an account before, but this was enough to sign up (free). Now I'll have some books to listen to on my work commute.  Woo hoo!
Off-Topic / Gah! Laserdisc woes...
03/04/2014, 11:14 PM
I know a few of you are Laserdisc fans so maybe you can help point me in the right direction. 

This morning I heard Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone on the radio while driving to work and couldn't wait to get home and pop my LD of Top Gun in.  This would be the first time I've used it since I moved.  Apparently the move was not kind to the player. The previous/next chapter buttons and ff/rew buttons have stopped working on it.

Also, I noticed a pretty big smudge of white gunk going around side 1 of the movie, preventing it to play more than 5 minutes in.  I tried buffing it out, first with just a polishing cloth from my shoe polishing kit (it's a brand new cloth), then using some window cleaner, but I couldn't get all of it out (it appears to have been scratched some).  That helped, but it still wouldn't play past about 5 minutes.

So I'm looking to A) get a new lasedisc player (one that would allow me to fast forward and skip tracks) and B) learn any good methods of buffing out scratches from laserdiscs.

Feeling the need for speed, but not going anywhere fast... Meh.
I've been reading this interview over at /. and this guy's responses remind me of Este.  Which is a good thing! I'm thoroughly enjoying reading this interview with a video game audio elder.
I just noticed that Left 4 Dead 2 is a free download today on Steam.  For that price, anyone with Steam ought to have a copy.  I've put a ton of time into this game, playing with friends.  If anyone here picks it up, I'm zodwallop over on Steam.  Friend me and we can kill some zombies together!
General Gaming / Halloween Games
10/27/2013, 01:33 AM
I'm pretty sure there is a TG/PCE specific Halloween gaming thread already floating around, but I want to know what all of your Halloween gaming habits tend to be. 

I know a few members have mentioned Silent Hill as a creepy game (I haven't played any of 'em yet), but this Saturday my son and I decided to have a gaming day devoted to "Scary Games" so we played Castlevania: SotN and Aria of Sorrow (via Gamecube) and Plants vs Zombies on my wife's Kindle.  I *so* wanted to break out Rondo for the PCE, but it just never came to be. (And frankly, that's ok because I think I'm scarier than anything in the game when I get pissed off losing at it!)

So what are some games you love do play (obey or not) around this haunting holiday?
I don't know if any of you have been following the development of the Retron5, but I think it sounds pretty slick.  It was announced today that it'll be released Dec. 10 for $100.

Here's another article describing the system, though the final product will probably look pretty different (at least what they showed off at E3 looked quite a bit different).

For $100 you have a system that can play NES, Famicom, SNES, Super Famicom, Genesis, Mega Drive, Game Boy, GBC, and GBA. And it'll be compatible with the Sega Power Base allowing SMS games.

And it has save states!

There's a bunch of other audio and visual "enhancements" they also claim (all can be turned on or off individually), but frankly, I don't care for the smooth look they produce.  It also has HDMI out.

If only they included Turbografx compatibility, this would have been the ultimate system.
Off-Topic / Kung Fu movies
09/18/2013, 12:25 AM
I've been on a bit of a Kung Fu movie kick lately (no pun intended) and thought I'd post some of the ones I've found especially good.  These are all on Netflix, btw.  And they all have kind of a similar theme running through them, but I'd love to hear of some of your other favorite "must-see" kung fu flicks.

I should probably preface this by saying I've only really watched Jackie Chan films (most of which I love) and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon before my recent splurge, so these are probably old hat to most of you long timers.

Ip Man - Holy moly.  Freaking awesome.

Ip Man 2 - Still a great movie and I love seeing Sammo Hung in a non-Jackie Chan movie, but not quite as solid as the first one.  Reminded me a lot of the Rocky movies, but still really good. (I loved the Rocky movies - not trying to knock them here.  It's just they seem to be following the same formula.)

Jet Li's Fearless - This was the one that got me back into Kung Fu movies recently.  Great message, great acting, great choreography.

Shaolin - Another great film.  Made me wish Hollywood put out more films like this.  Pacing felt a little off (it was the only movie that took me two evenings to finish) but definitely worth watching all the way through.

All of these films had (imo) awesome fighting sequences and a great underlying message.

Anyone else have any recommendations on what to watch next?  Bonus points if they are on Netflix.
I suck at moon-speak games.

I've decided to give another go at Magicoal and seem to be stuck pretty early on.  Does anyone know if there's a walkthrough out there for this game?  It looks like a ton of fun, but I'm stuck in a burning village and don't know what to do to progress farther. 

Is there a way to switch between characters?  It looks like one of the spells in the spell book allows for that, but I don't have it yet. I have a spell that keeps me from getting harmed by the fire, but the only building that isn't burning won't let me in, and everyone else is dead.  And I can't exit the village.

Any ideas?
Off-Topic / Made me lol, had to share
06/22/2013, 05:53 PM
I just stumbled across this show.  It looks like it started earlier this month and is pretty entertaining!  It drives me nuts that the games are stretched to 16:9, but the commentary is worth listening to.

Turbografx World - Episode 1: Bloody Wolf
I've been wanting to play some of my SMS games lately but just don't have the physical space to get the console out without putting something away and I'm too lazy for that.  :mrgreen:

So would anyone have a functioning Power Base converter they want to send me for a reasonable price or trade?  I've got all sorts of systems so may be able to come up with something you'd like.  Thanks!
I've been subscribed, off and on, to this channel for a year or two now and there's a lot of good OBEY to be found.  They do longplays for pretty much any console (including PC games) but they cover a ton of PC Engine games.  I think they've completed over 300 so far.  Here's a playlist of their first 175 PC Engine games:
Anyway, I thought I'd pass it along.
I'm stealing Galam's idea and have posted an image below.  Be the first to guess the game and you'll receive a little gaming goodie.

This one's probably on the easy side, but you never know. :D

I was playing this game the other day and while watching this cutscene, thought it would make a neat t-shirt.  I happened to have some gameplay recorded using my DVD recorder, so I grabbed a still, cleaned it up a bit and printed it out on one of those iron-on transfer sheets.  I picked up a t-shirt today from A. C. Moore for about $3.  I was really hoping to find a blue-grey that was a little lighter than this, but I think this turned out alright.

Anyway, anyone recognize the game?

Today I picked up a Super Game Boy to play my meager Game Boy/Game Boy Color collection on a TV when the Gamecube isn't hooked up.  I currently have Bonk's Adventure, Alleyway, and R-Type DX (Game Boy Color), all of which I enjoy playing.  Almost beat Bonk's Adventure tonight on the Super Game Boy. :D

My little brother had a Game Boy back when they were new, but I don't remember playing too many games for it.  I had a Turbo Express so there really was no reason to stoop to the lowly Game Boy. :P

So I really don't know much about the Game Boy's library.  How has it held up?  Any must have games?  Any games that didn't get a lot of fanfare bitd but really stand out now? 

This is mostly to play on a TV - I have a Game Boy Advance LT SP, which I've been playing more of lately while my Express is turning into RoboCop at Steve's place, but my old eyes just can't take handheld gaming like they used to.

Any suggestions?
I just read about this over at slashdot:

Sounds like there's some speculation right now on if this is a goof by Adobe or perhaps a marketing tactic?

Anyway, I thought some of you might want a legit version of Photoshop or Premiere, even if it's a few generations old.

Here's the direct link to Adobe's download page if you're not interested in reading the article. :P
Hey all! I've been tinkering with a simple web page that incorporates both the chat window over at with the forums here and I think I have achieved reasonable success. Here's the html file I've come up with (right-click and save as to download).

Linky  You can download it and run it off your computer or use the link from my website, though I may tinker with it from time to time. :P

I also made a blog post about it, which you can read here.  There's also a screenshot of it in action.

When you open up the file in your browser, there's a button at the top of the screen that will display and hide the chat window.  You need to first log in and navigate to the chat window, but then even if you hide it, it's will update in the background so it's current when you display it again.

Anyway, I thought some folks here might find it handy so I wanted to share. :D  Maybe some of you fellow web nuts will make it better!
X-Arcade Dual Joystick USB :

I just stumbled across this deal and thought some of you might be interested.  It's a 2-player arcade controller (USB) made from arcade cabinet parts for $80 shipped.

I've wanted one of these for ages but could never justify the cost.  But I finally bit the bullet and got one along with adapters for the PS1/2, Gamecube and Dreamcast for about $100.  Woo hoo!

They have one with a trackball for an additional $80:
I read about this over on slickdeals.

These games are $2.39 ea for the next couple of days:

Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
SimCity 2000 Special Edition
Dungeon Keeper
Dungeon Keeper 2
Theme Hospital
Populous 2: Trials of the Olympian Gods
Populous: The Beginning
Magic Carpet
Wing Commander 1+2
Wing Commander 3: Heart of the Tiger
Wing Commander 4: The Price of Freedom
Wing Commander: Privateer
Ultima 1+2+3
Ultima 4+5+6
Ultima 7: The Complete Edition
Ultima 8: Gold Edition
Ultima 9: Ascension
Ultima Underworld 1+2
Lands of Lore 1+2
Lands of Lore 3
Crusader: No Remorse
Crusader" No Regret
Starflight 1+2

Lot of good memories there!  I just picked up a handful. :)
So yesterday I got Shape Shifter in the mail and I was all excited to play it because it's one of the few US releases I've never played before.  Things are going great.  I'm navigating around town, listening to everyone's story and then it's time to put the kid to bed.  I speak with the mayor and save the game. 

Today I popped in Dragon Knight III which I've been playing off and on over the past few weeks.  To my surprise, There's no option to load up my saved game from the main menu; only an option to start a new game.  Strange.

So I reboot and go into the TG16's memory to see if I can find the Dragon Knight III save.

Everything is gone, except for a Shape Shifter save file.

ALL of my save games.  Ys Book I &II, Ys Book III, Kabuki Den, Dracula X, Bomberman '93 - all gone. :(

So I googled the issue and it seems there's some sort of random bug related to Shape Shifter that can erase all your game saves.  I couldn't really find much information about the bug, but I'm not in any hurry to play Shape Shifter again.  And it looks like it has so much potential.

Greetings wise and wondrous techno-wizards.

I have a white PCE and a standard TurboGrafx-16 console that I'd like to get region modded.  The PCE fits in a briefcase unit. 

I've had a number of you work on my stuff before and I'd be happy to work with anyone currently doing this kind of work.  This community is pretty awesome in that way.  Please let me know cost/turnaround timeframe if you're interested.  I don't really have much of value to trade atm, so this is pretty much a straight cash (paypal) dealio.

I'd also be interested in picking up a CD unit to go with the briefcase unit, if anyone has one available.  US or PCE is fine, as long as it works.  Function before form.

I figured it's been awhile since I held a raffle and with all the generosity going around right now I don't want to feel left out!


So up for raffle is my spare loosie of World Class Baseball.  I'll stick it in a sleeve before mailing it out (might be a third party sleeve).

I'll ship it anywhere. Applicants need to have 100 posts (not made up mostly in sale/trade/raffle threads).  I reserve the right to deny anyone, for any reason.  :P

I'll do the drawing in 2 weeks, on August 25.

UPDATE:  tggodfrey as generously offered up another copy of World Class Baseball so now 2 names will be drawn for a copy!  Thanks, Terry!

Good luck everyone!



Congrats to Firebomber7 and Bernie!  :dance:

Firebomber7, please PM me your mailing address.
Bernie, your address goes to tggodfrey. :)
Buy/Sell/Trade / Looking for manuals
07/09/2012, 09:14 PM
Well now that I've finally used my set of Sparky stickers to create cases for all my loosies, I figured I'd try to hunt down the manuals for them as well.  Here's a list of what I'm currently missing:

Fantasy Zone
Space Harrier
Victory Run
World Class Baseball
World Court Tennis
Bloody Wolf
Super Star Soldier
King of Casino
Silent Debuggers

Right now I'd prefer trade over spending cash to acquire these.  With TurboFest later this week I need to save my monies!  :dance:
Buy/Sell/Trade / Freebie: Gunhed Booty DVD
06/08/2012, 11:30 PM
Let me start off by saying this:  I've gone back and forth on this because it looks like there is a DVD version of this movie out there, but in all honesty, the movie isn't all that great.

Having said that, last year I converted my old, original VHS tape of Gunhed to DVD.  I used a Canon HV30 camcorder to make the rip, which has a very nice D/A converter built in.  However, the source material is still a nearly 20 year old VHS tape.  It's watchable, but it looks like you're watching a VHS tape. :)

This will be a DVD-R with a printed disc face inside a standard DVD case with custom made packaging (basically I scanned the VHS cover and slapped it on a DVD - nothing fancy).  Also there is a very basic DVD menu with chapter marks set at a specific interval (I don't remember off the top of my head, it's either 5 or 10 minutes).

This is the movie that the game Gunhed (aka Blazing Lazers) was a sequel to, though there really is hardly any resemblance. It's dubbed in English.

So I really liked how Black Tiger handled his free game giveaways.  There will be no set time limit on this.  Established, contributing members will have more weight than noobs (of which there have been a lot of lately; maybe the generosity of this forum is starting to catch wind).  If you're outside of the US and want in, please be willing to cover shipping. 

Anyone interested?
General Gaming / The Guardian Legend
06/01/2012, 09:59 PM
So a few days ago I watched this video on Youtube:
(Top 10 Obscure NES Gems with Mike Matei #NES)

The Guardian Legend was the number one game mentioned, and it looked pretty cool.  And then I promptly forgot about it.

Then our very own starsoldier1 posted a video response to the aforementioned video and, honestly, because we both share an unhealthy obsession to OBEY, I was convinced to pick it up. 

I don't think I'd ever heard of this NES game before.  Holy %&#* this game really damn cool!  Why isn't this game more popular?  The graphics are jaw-dropping for an NES title.  The music is badass.  The gameplay... oh the gameplay.  I have so much work to do right now, and when it arrived in the mail today, I popped it in to test it out thinking "I'll play it for five minutes, and get back to it later", as is the case with most NES games, but I just couldn't stop playing!

So what's the deal?  Does anybody know why this NES game fell under the radar?  I don't collect much for NES, but I'm really surprised that a game that looks so good, sounds so good, and plays so good isn't mentioned with the likes of Super Mario or Zelda.

The good thing is it can still be picked up for dirt cheap.  Mine cost a little under $6 shipped off ebay. (loose)

Did I mention it was developed by Compile? (Who also had their hands in Blazing Lazers, Spriggan, and the Crush Series to name a few)

I apologize for raving here.  I just don't think I've ever been so jazzed about an NES game before.  :dance:
Off-Topic / D&D Next Playtesting Open Beta
05/27/2012, 07:53 PM
I read earlier today about WotC publicly releasing their early beta version of the next version of D&D, tentativly called "D&D Next".  :roll:  I went ahead and registered and received the link to download the material.  After a brief skim through the rules (which are pretty sparse right now) it seems like they have changed a LOT from 4th ed.  It looks like miniatures will not be necessary for combat, and things like healing surges are gone. 

I've only briefly skimmed the rules and looked at a pre-generated character or two, but will dig into it as soon as I can.  What I've seen so far looks as if they are going back to their roots of basic D&D, which is a very good thing in my book.  We'll see how it evolves...
Buy/Sell/Trade / Galaga T-shirt $3
05/26/2012, 08:27 PM
I was browsing over at fatwallet today and came across this T-shirt deal.  Galaga T-shirt for $3 shipped.  I think it's shipped to your local store so you still have to go pick it up.  I already have a Galaga shirt so I'm not going to get another one, but thought others here might like it.|73831

Use coupon code FREESHIP to get the free shipping.
This guy makes some really cool videos, but they are always 1/2 cool vid and 1/2 advertisement (please subscribe, show this off to all your friends, yadda yadda yadda...).  Still the stuff he makes is pretty cool. :P
Off-Topic / Proud Papa :D
05/16/2012, 03:20 PM
Every afternoon my 4 year old son has a 2 hour "rest time" in his room.  He can read, play with his toys, rest, etc.  It's some quality down time for all of us (my wife and I both primarily work at home).

This afternoon, when my wife went into his room to let him know that rest time was over, he has this elaborate setup sprawled all over his room; he'd created hills by spreading blankets of piles over stuff and chairs and had little miniatures all over the room.

He explained to Mom that he was playing Military Madness. :D :D :D  One group of characters was supposed to be "the blue tanks" and other groups were other units found in the game.

I couldn't be more proud of him.  :mrgreen:

(P.S. - I can't wait until he's old enough to play Heroscape or Battletech, both of which are currently collecting dust in my office...)

Happy 20th Birthday, Wolfenstein 3D!

I just stumbled across this and thought there may be some interest here.

It seems as if this was a game in production bitd that was never released.  From what it sounds like this is an incomplete copy of the game, but still is very playable.  There's a download link in the link above.  I've downloaded the game, but won't get around to burning it and trying my luck at the swap trick (I've never tried playing CD-Rs before in my Saturn) for a couple of days, but it looks pretty spiffy from the screenshots and sample videos I've come across.  Kind of looks like a cross between Donkey Kong Country and Metal Slug. :)
Off-Topic / Capture gameplay direct to PC?
04/29/2012, 12:51 AM
Does anyone have suggestions on capturing gameplay from real hardware directly to your computer?  About a year ago I picked up one of these USB capture devices, but there is a slight lag so playing shooters is really frustrating.  I'm "turbografxnerd" on Youtube and I haven't uploaded anything in awhile because I really dislike my current capture device.  Is there anything good out there that I can plug into my computer (via usb or one of the internal slots) that will allow me to capture and view in realtime?  Otherwise I guess I'll invest in a DVD recorder and run my systems through that to my TV.  Then rip the discs.

As far as my computer goes, I've got an i7 920 overclocked to 3.3Ghz with 6 Gigs of RAM and (2) 10k Raptor drives in a Raid 0 configuration for my system drive, so I would think it's capable of recording in realtime.  I capture and edit HD video all the time and have done some live internet broadcasting using Wirecast and a 3 HD sources on this machine without any complaints.

Well I think it's time for me to put up another raffle.  My collection of OBEY doesn't have much in the way of duplicates at the moment, so I thought I'd send off some stuff from an earlier raffle I won along with another box of Nintendo Cards.


The box contains 48 "GamePacks", each containing 3 scratch-off game cards and 2 stickers.  You should have no trouble coming up with a complete set of cards/stickers and have tons of leftover unopened packs.

The cassette tape thingy looks to contain a 35 minute audio story, a big poster, and cardboard 3D glasses (I'm guessing for the poster).  It's still shrinkwrapped, though I've been tempted to open it and check it out a few times.

The lunchbox should be pretty self explanatory.  I haven't used it.

The cassette/poster thingy and lunchbox were part of an earlier raffle I won, which also included another lunchbox.  After having this stuff sitting around my office for while now, I think it's time to let someone else enjoy them. :)  You can see another picture of the lunchbox and tape/poster package here.  You can see more pics and info on the cards here.

The winner will be drawn next Friday, April May 4 (hey, that's my son's birthday!).

The fine print:
1. While I don't think any of this is really worth much, please don't enter if you plan on ebaying any of this.  Feel free to re-raffle any part of this lot here though!
2. I'll cover the shipping in the States.  International folks are welcome to join in, but I'd ask that you cover the difference in shipping costs.
3. I'd really like these to go to an active participating forum member, so please have at least 50 posts by the end of the raffle.

Thanks and good luck!

1. Nando
2. Hoobs88
3. Duo_R
4. SMF
5. storino03
6. esteban
7. cabbage
8. TheClash603
9. SuperPlay
10. Trevpwnsnoobs
11. neoxeno
12. kakutolives
13. Lilgrafx
14. Firebomber7
15. xcrement5x
16. Arkhan
Buy/Sell/Trade / Controllers wanted
04/27/2012, 05:21 PM
I recently purchased a Duo tap and am now on the hunt for a couple extra Duo controllers.  I'd really like to get a 6-button pad for Street Fighter II, but 2- or 3- button pads would also be great.  I've got a little bit of monies set aside in Paypal for this, but would also end any of my (meager) ebay auctions to use for trade bait.  Thanks!
I just stumbled across this a day or two ago and think it's pretty neat!

UberNES Screen Saver

Here's a screenshot I just took of it running on my computer (native resolution is 1920x1200):


You have to download roms and pre-recorded movie files (all are easy to get and take up very little space), but then when it's running you can use the arrow keys to select a game, make it go full screen and start playing at that point in the movie.  When you take over the game the sound kicks in, otherwise it's silent.  You can also control how many games it displays.  At one point I had a 7x5 grid, but I could tell the computer was working to keep up, so I set it here, and also limited the screensaver to use 1 thread/cpu, another nice option.

I sure wish there was something like this for the Turbografx-16/ PC Engine library.  That would be heaven.  I'd never get anything done. :D
Were these two games made my the same developer?  I was just playing Raiden on the SNES (wow it's hard!) and I never noticed the striking resemblance it bears to Kyukyoku Tiger.  A lot of the sprites look somewhat similar, you have to shoot down a ship that shoots 3-way shots to get powerups, then the powerups go all square-dance over the screen making it really hard to get the color you want.  Even the red powerup is a similar type of shot (straight rapid fire that spreads out at the ship).  My TG/PCE collection is in the bedroom, where my wife is currently asleep, so I can't verify, but I bet one of you can confirm it.
Here's an interesting read if you're a Simpsons fan:

I haven't seen a new episode in ages, but it'd be neat to see tomorrows.  Too bad I don't get Fox.  :?
I noticed a few days ago that my PC Engine Duo has a strange audio problem.  It seems when I'm playing a CD game, the redbook audio is coming out quieter on the left speaker than on the right.  Chiptunes sound fine/equal out of both speakers.  I hooked up my TG16/CD setup to the same TV/Stereo system and the redbook audio sounded fine out of both speakers.  

The Duo has also been modified so it has a separate set of composite outs coming out of the back of the console so I can use standard composite cables.  Out of either the stock plug or the added plugs I have the same audio issue.  I'd say the left side is at least 50% quieter, but only when playing redbook audio.  

Any ideas?  I'm guessing this is some sort of cap issue, though the caps have all been recently replaced.  

UPDATE 1/22/2013:

Go here for all your listening needs:

Well, I've decided to shelve the website for the time being.  I'll bring it back when: 1. I have time to make it the site I originally intended and 2. have also gone through and made all the file names and tags consistent.  

While the site may be down, the soundtracks are still available since they are hosted on! - Arranged versions added 1/26/2013

Original Post:

Over the past couple months I've been slowly converting HuCard soundtracks and ripping CD game soundtracks and converting them to MP3.

I'm up to almost 40 OBEY soundtracks and wanted to come up with a way to share them with others.

For the past few evenings I've been tinkering with a quick and dirty wordpress website that will do just that.

It currently only has about 20 soundtracks up there, due to time and bandwidth, but if there seems to be some interest in this, I'll plan on adding the rest and more as I get them.

To download the zip files, you need to create an account (just a username and a valid email address) which will help me see if anyone is using it. :)

The site is pretty barebones and probably buggy, but please check it out and let me know your thoughts!
Is there a utility to rip chiptunes from tg16/pce roms and convert them to mp3s?  Maybe there's an emulator that does this?  I've heard of TurboRip, but from what I gather that only works with CD based games.  I was playing some Dragon Spirit this morning and was really hoping to listen to the game music while I work. There are a ton of other games I'd like to listen to as well.  I tried searching the forums, as I'm sure this has been discussed in the past, but didn't come up with much.
So I was digging through some old boxes in my garage the other day and came across some ancient treasures - My original Duo's user manual, my original Turbografx-16's manual and the pack-in game catalog, a Sears flyer from 1990 (I'm guessing where I got the TG16 from bitd), and this game catalog from 1994.  It's 30+ pages, and may be awhile before I get it completely scanned, but thought some of you may remember getting these in the mail and would get a kick out of how game prices have changed for our beloved system.



There isn't a date printed on it, but it seems to have been released in 1994 because they reference upcoming games being released in '95 for the Arcade Card.  And Bomberman '94 is listed.  And there's no mention of yet.

As I mentioned, there's over 30 pages with screenshots and descriptions of nearly every US Turbo game so when I have a free weekend, I'll scan the rest and post 'em up!
So I was browsing through this old TG16 book the other day:


and at the back of the book was a mail-in coupon for a Bonk head replacement for a wireless joystick:


Has anyone seen one of these in real life?  I'd love to have one, especially if I could use it on my TurboStick.  It's too bad it's just an illustration and not an actual photo of the "BONK HEAD".  Does anyone here know any more about these things?
I'm anticipating a move in the near future and want to thin out my closets some before I begin the arduous task of packing everything up.  Also open to offers.

I'll calculate shipping once I know where it's going.  I'll consider shipping outside of the US.

Magnavox Odyssey 200: $35
The box is beat up bad, but the inside is another story.  Looks and functions great. 

D&D Dungeons & Dragons Basic Box Set, 2004 Release $25
Everything is mint, however the original minis that came with this set aren't here.  They were missing when I picked up this set.  I'll throw in a few other D&D minis, if interested though.

Battletech, 4th Edition $35
This is complete, though I've played it a handful of times over the past 15 years, so the carboard cutouts shows some wear.  Everything else looks great.  Even includes the original clan sticker sheet!


I'm also trying to clear out my DVD and older PC game collections some so if you're interested shoot me a PM and I'll let you know what I've got.



I'd consider pretty much any game for the TG16/PCE I don't already have.  My collection is linked in my signature. If PCEDai is down, shoot me a PM and I can send you my list as a spreadsheet.


These items are GONE:

Neo Geo Pocket Color collection:
Blue NGPC along with a Nyko Power Worm Light (it's a rechargeable battery pack and light for the screen) and the following games:
Metal Slug: First Mission
The Match of the Millennium
Sonic the Hedgehog: Pocket Adventure
Biomotor Unitron

NES Games Lot:
Cobra Triangle
Double Dragon III
The Karate Kid
NARC (includes manual)
Thunder & Lightning (includes box but NO manual)
Trick Shooting (includes box and manual)
Time Lord
Yoshi (includes manual)

NES Lot (Loose unless noted):
Alien Syndrome
Balloon Fight
Karate Champ
Megaman 3
Side Pocket

Nintendo Gamecube Lot (Both complete):
Super Smash Bros Melee

Sega Saturn Lot (ALL LOOSE):
Darklight Conflict
Daytona USA

Playstation 1 Lot (Complete unless noted):
Need for Speed: High Stakes
NCAA Final Four 2001
Resident Evil 2 (loose - disc 1 only)
Point Blank 2
Playstation Magazine Demo Discs: 34-38, 40-48 (14 total - loose)

Vigilante (manual only - no game)

Sega Genesis Lot (Loose unless noted):
Atomic Robo Kid
Disney's Aladdin
Lost Vikings (complete)
Mercs 2 (JPN)
Mortal Kombat 3
Rocket Knight Adventures (I could have sworn I had case and manual for this, but I can't seem to find them.  Loose for now)
Street Fighter II' (complete)
Super Thunder Blade
Sword of Vermillion
Taz: Escape from Mars (complete)
Desert Strike
Star Control

Sega Master System Lot (Complete unless noted):
Action Fighter
F-16 Fighter
Great Baseball
Missile Defense 3-D

Zotac 880G-ITX WIFI AMD Motherboard
Buy/Sell/Trade / Wonderswan Color Games
12/08/2011, 10:53 PM
Hey everyone. 

Is there any interest in these Wonderswan games?  I won them in a contest and don't have a Wonderswan. 



They appear complete: they each have a cart and manual.  The SD Gundam one also has a plastic sleeve for the cart and a couple extra slips of paper (one looks like a registration slip).  I really don't know anything about these games or the Wonderswan, but I'll answer questions as best as I can.  I'll take more pics if interested. 

I thought I'd see if there was any interest here before putting them up on ebay.