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PCEFX World - Archived News

SITE NEWS: 10th November, 2004
Welcome back to an all-new PCEFX layout. This design tweaks a bunch of things, but the biggest change is the menu system. For people who have no idea what the NEC consoles are all about, we now feature a little history guide for them and for PCEFX as well. Enjoy and take a look around.

We also have moved to a new web host that is fast and most importantly, reliable. Email, forums and everything available here are up.

SITE NEWS: 10th November, 2004
PCEFX Radio has had lots of upgrades over the past month - we now have station IDs, more music, proper music tags, and a dynamic radio page showing you what is currently playing and the past 5 songs. In addition to those improvements, we will be bringing you specific-themed shows such as “HuCard Hour” and “Falcom Hour” that will play during the week (currently work-in-progress). So if you’ve not enjoyed listening to PCEFX Radio yet, now’s the best time!

Now before you get all excited, this is for JAPAN only (I know...SOB!)...but cool anyway. Check out these two links for more info!
HudsonSoft PC-Engine Corner (Japanese)
HudsonSoft PR Release (English)
Thanks to Victor for the links!

08.12.2004 : NEW PCEFX TV!
PCEFX TV is back with an all-new episode showcasing cool game reviews, and a super rare Turbo related item! Download it now and see the brand new PCEFX TV!


The long-awaited METEOR BLASTER DX SUPER CD is now available directly from or If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, now is the time to do so. If you want to read more about the game, check out our SPECIAL FEATURE which has a promo video, screen shots and a interview with the creator of Meteor Blaster:DX.

08.12.2004 : Ys III COMING OUT FOR PS2
Little late then never eh? Taito of Japan will be releasing Ys II: Wanderers from Ys on 9.30.04 for the JPN PS2. They have already released Ys VI for the JPN PS2 and plan to do more if Ys III sells good. Now if we can only get Konami (who owns the North American rights to Ys) to release some stuff over here....

08.12.2004 : PCEFX TWEAKS

- As you can see, we’ve done more tweaking to the site. There is a new top banner that more matches the style of the intro page.

- To the right of this main page only, we now list the “birthdays” of the main NEC consoles. Don’t miss another NEC console birthday again (at least, make it an excuse to play your console if you haven’t for a while)

- PCEFX Radio has been tweaked a bit. We’ve added 3 more games to the song rotation, and now also don’t play a song from the same game within 30mins. Glad to see people are listening, so if you are, please post your comments on the MESSAGE BOARD.

- The MESSAGE BOARD has a new PCEFX TV & Radio forum for comments and questions.

- The PC-FX USERS LIST has been updated.....keep them coming!

- The LINKS section has been updated with links to more cool Turbo sites!

07.29.2004 : REOPENING OF PCEFX!
Welcome back to the reopening of PCEFX! We have been closed since late February due to web host issues, but we are back better than ever with a new host. Now before you go off exploring, please read all of the updates below as they pertain to the changes and updates that were made to the site during this downtime.

   PC-FX World & TurboStation-16
As you can see, there isn’t a link to the TurboStation-16 site because we don’t have one anymore. I have decided to close down the dedicated TG/PCE section for now so that I can focus on the PC-FX site remake. There are plenty of other really good TG/PCE sites out there that you can look up game info and whatnot, and I decided that it was just redundant to have the same info here in an inferior form.

As for the PC-FX World site, it is still off-line for the time being, but work is steadily being done on the remake. I will keep everyone updated as to the progress of the remake and as of this writing will probably take a good 2 or 3 more months of work before it is back online. When finished, the PC-FX World site will be even BETTER than it was before with more info, photos, videos than previously available (it will be so good, you’d think NEC made the site themselves! :)

PCEFX Radio LIVE is back again with live shoutcast streaming channel that you can tune into 24/7 while you are at work or just chilling at home. We got an even larger selection of music from your favorite TG/PCE/PC-FX games so feel free to tune in. A direct link can be found at the very top of this page, or just click on the FEATURES/SPECIALS menu button to the right. Please note that we have a limit to 4 slots on the stream so if you can’t connect, please try again later.

If you look around the site there as been changes to just about every page (cleaning up layouts for various sections, improving graphics for features and such) so please feel free to look around if you haven’t since the downtime - just about every section has been touched in one way or another. One touchup for example is the Lords of Thunder Promo Tape feature. I have re-mastered the video from an unopened copy of the original promo tape in WMP9 format to provide the best quality possible but with keeping size in mind. In addition, all of the PCEFX TV episodes have been re-mastered in WMP9 as well as other videos from their original sources.

Another big update is the PCEFX Web Store. The old store was getting stale and so there are now a TON of new items available as well as a revamped TG/PCE/PC-FX design. Check it out and feel free to buy something if you would like to support the site.

Lastly, the PCEFX message board has moved - it is no longer on EZBoard, but on our own server (with no extra cost to the site!). Please feel free to check it out and join in on the conversations.

Hope you enjoy the reopening of the site, and thanks to everyone who has expressed their support for PCEFX during the downtime. We are slowly coming back so keep watch for more updates!

The long-awaited METEOR BLASTER DX SUPER CD has been released thanks to the hard efforts of Bt of Check out our SPECIAL FEATURE on the game with screen shots, promo video, and a interview with Bt himself!

 07.29.2004 : Aaron’s Blog...
Welcome to my own personal blurb section where I get to be a little more personal with my visitors. The 1st quarter of 2004 hasn’t been too kind to Turbo sites, which looking back at the past few months, is really quite interesting. First, I took down PCEFX (back in Feb), then in mid-April, and ALL went down due to server issues. Luckily, all of the sites got back up and are running fine.

Bt finally got MB:DX out the door, but after weeks and weeks of delays from the CD pressing house. Looks like there isn’t any longer a professional way in the world that we know of to press a PC Engine/TG compatible CD (without burning a CD-R yourself), which is quite sad...

Finally, I have a new domain! I’ve owned PCEFX since ‘98 and thought it was about time to make a new site so that I could expand even further my web design skills on a different subject besides the NEC consoles. If you at all like J-ROCK, or think the chick to the left is hot, then you owe it to yourself to check out my new site - I’ve been extremely hooked on Asian girl artists such as AYA, Cherry Filter/Youjeen, Olivia, etc. for many years and decided to create a site all about them. So far I just a few featured artists, but every update I will be adding more. Check it out and let me know what you think of the site!


 12.19.2003 : PC Genjin/Bonk’s Adventure PS2 Mini-Review
Hudson Soft of Japan recently released a re-make of Bonk’s Adventure on the JPN PS2 with updated graphics, sound, and gameplay. Check out our MINI-REVIEW for photos and videos from the game!

12.19.2003 : Falcom Plans Online Ys
This is somewhat older news, but if you didn’t know by now, this will be of some news to you. Falcom recently announced that they are planning an online version of the series Ys for the Japanese PC.

Falcom is collaborating with two South Korean companies on the project: Plenus Entertainment, a major online game portal manager, and online game developer eSofnet. The partnership between the three companies has yet to be completely finalized, so concrete game details have yet to be officially released.

Further details about Falcom’s online plans are expected in the upcoming months.

12.19.2003 : The Tokyo Level X Game Exhibition
The Tokyo Level X game exhibition recently opened up in Japan, showcasing the evolution of video games over the past 20 years. Head on over to the GameSpot article and check out the photos - the PC-FX was there.

10.06.2003 - Bonk’s Adventure Remake
As some of you may or may not know, Hudson Soft of Japan has been remaking some of their classic games on next-gen systems. On December 4th, they will release an updated version of Bonk’s Adventure for the PS2, and on December 18th, a re-make of Adventure Island. PCEFX plans to have a full review, videos and screenshots of Bonk’s Adventure when it is released, but we have provided you with some screenshots to give you an idea on how it will look like.
Click on the screen shots to see the full-resolution version.

To see more screenshots, visit Magic Box.

10.06.2003 - Bonk Arcade/MAME News

It’s a little-known fact that Bonk made his way to the arcade (under the title “B.C. KID”) and it has recently been announced that the arcade ROM has been acquired and is close to being playable to the public under the MAME emulator. Below you can find screenshots of the game, plus a few running on a home-TV. More news soon! 
Click on the screen shots to see the full-resolution version.


Thanks to the people at MAME and NEC Avenue.


9.21.2003 - PC-FX Translation Project
The first PC-FX English translation project has been started! To check out the current status, info and screen-captures of the project, hit up the “Lil Red Riding Hood CHA-CHA PC-FX English Translation” site.


9.21.2003 - Turbo Zone Direct Changes
Back on 8.25.03, Turbo Zone Direct sent out an announcement about their continuing support of the Turbo community. If you didn’t get the notice, it has been posted below for your convince:
On June 1st 1994 TZD opened our doors to embrace the Turbo community. In turn thousands of you have kept alive a videogame platform that proved more resilient than anyone could imagine. You folks made that happen.

Though gaming has changed dramatically since the TG-16 first came to market in 1988, few among us would argue that Turbo games were just more 'fun.' True gamers know and value style over flash, game play over eye candy.

But the business climate has changed, especially here in California. And TZD must change with it. For years the volume of sales carried the day and the owners of TZD fought to keep prices low even knowing they had a corner on merchandise trading for outlandish prices elsewhere. Now we find we must adjust pricing on our remaining inventory to ensure that we will be here when you need us.

Do not despair, we will not make any changes before next Tuesday September 2nd. Any orders postmarked before that date will be accepted. So if you need! anything, or just want to pick up a few games, now would be a good time.

Soon we will add a "Collector's Corner" for rare Turbo items not available for many years at any price. We'll be adding to that collection so check back from time to time.

Thanks again for your continued support, with that we'll soldier on.

"We're STILL here for you!
This wasn’t a huge surprise, considering the market and fan base of the Turbo. As of this writing, no obvious changes to TZD’s web site have been made, however prices may have been raised, but we are unable to verify this.


8.1.2003 - PCEFX Redesign!
Hello all once again to PCEFX! As you can see, the entire main page of PCEFX has been redesigned - The most noticeable changes are the right menu (which has been slimmed down), the addition to the mini faq on the left (geared towards new visitors), some cool new items such as the random image of the moment...there’s just too much to list :) Enjoy the new layout and more changes are to come...


8.1.2003 - Section maintenance...
Well, with the update comes section maintenance. The FXer, TG-PC Port Project (previously called the “Lords of Thunder PC Port Project”) and HuCengine sections have been updated with current news, the PC-FX Users List has been updated, and so has the PCEFX Specials section.


8.1.2003 - What’s Coming Up & Being Worked On
PCEFX Special Feature
Just to let everybody know, a new PCEFX Special Feature is coming up which everyone should for this soon.

PC-FX World
Expect a slight redesign to slim down the site (getting rid of excess HTML pages), new higher-quality game graphics and a HUGE video project...details are secret for now :)

The good ‘ol TurboStation-16 site...sorry it’s been 3+ years since it has been last updated but a remake of the site HAS BEEN in the works. I have been slowly converting all of the info and such into the current PC-FX World layout design. As such, the site has miles to go before it will even cover half of what is out there for the TG/PCE, but work is progressing.


8.1.2003 - TE Exposed Article @ Lik-Sang has put up a very nice and extensive feature about the TurboExpress in their Handheld Focus Summer Special. They also have features about other handheld system as well. Check it out!


9:02:2002 - HuCard Converter Feedback
Thanks to everyone so far that have sent in feedback about interest in a new HuCard converter. Though one isn’t being made at the moment, if we get enough feedback from people showing demand, that will go a LONG way to get one if you’ve not emailed your feedback yet, PLEASE DO. Info is below!

Please email with the price point you are willing to pay below for a new HuCard conveter, and any additional comments you may have. Please include in your email the maximum price point you are willing to pay for a new HuCard converter (to play Japanese HuCards on a US Turbo/Duo):

1: $25-$35   2: $35-$50   3: $50-$75   4: Any price


6:12:2002 - Bomberman ‘93 at E3!
This firsthand account is from El Capitano who was fortunate enough to go to E3: 

“I was at E3. I turned a corner at the Konami booth and I saw what was unmistakably Bomberman ‘93 as a projected PC title. I inquired about it and they told me they are porting over several old titles from years past now to various systems. That was the only Duo thing I saw at E3. Well, Victor Ireland was playing the Lords of Thunder soundtrack at the Working Designs booth and was quite shocked when I asked him about it. ("I can't believe you caught that. It was a great game wasn't it?" I believe those were his exact words.) I can safely assume Konami means [only the PC]. I guess GBA has proven there is a serious market for retro gaming.”

This is great news especially in this day of super-powered game consoles. Now that Bomberman ‘93 is being ported, wouldn’t it be nice to see this next? :D



6:12:2002 - HuCard slips still available!
Looking to replace your old HuCard slips? Well DisKounters went and made all new slips exactly like the originals! You can still purchase them for as low as $.35 each (for 25+). If interested, email Brian Satinover @ DisKounters and tell him you read the news on PCEFX :)

5:23:2002 - NEW FEATURE: IMPLODE US Super CD
That’s right...if you haven’t heard by now, there is a new Super CD that will be sold in the US - check out our exclusive interview with the creator of the game!

5:6:2002 - Ys Special Edition and more...
I “sat down” with DorkMan from and asked him about his recent travels to Japan, selling Turbo games, and his own version of Ys that he put together. Check it out below.

PCEFX: So this Ys “Special Edition” that you have on your site - what made you think of doing this kind of project?

DorkMan: Really, it started several years ago. I thought, “can you replace a audio track on a Turbo game?” At that time, few had burners. Since Ys had so many soundtracks for it, I thought it would be the perfect canadate.

PCEFX: Do you plan on doing other games besides Ys in the near future?

DorkMan: I have thought about it. Problem is, I no longer have the tools to do such a project. Back when I made Ys Special Edition, I used an Amiga with its burning soft. Every time I try to do the same with with my Windows machine and its burning soft, I run into problems. If I ever do figure out how to do it again, I will most likely improve on Ys Special Edition even more. Then other games would follow.

PCEFX: Other than Ys, what other game soundtracks do you enjoy?

DorkMan: know, I used to be into the music from all video games on all systems, including Amiga games. Ones that come to mind, Lemmings (Amiga), Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Genesis), Valis 1, 2,3 & 4 (Turbo) and Dragon Slayer (Turbo).

PCEFX: You recently visited Japan and are now selling Turbo titles off of your site. Will you be offering titles for a while or is this just a one time thing?

DorkMan: I imagine I will be selling titles for a while. A few of the games I have for sale I have many copies of, and I’m getting another shipment of titles from Japan in the coming month. I might also get future shipments if the response is good and I can get “the hook up”...heh.

PCEFX: Cool...It’s always good to have another source for Turbo games. I’m sure if you find some FX titles people will want those as well.

DorkMan: Heh, oh my goodness, I’m so bad. When I was in Japan I found many FX titles, but the problem is I just did not know if they were over priced or what. I know the value of PCE games, but with FX games I’m lost.

PCEFX: Well that can come later I suppose. But I hear that prices in Japan are pretty good for FX titles. Well, thank you for the interview and good luck in your future projects!

DorkMan: Cool, my pleasure.

To get a copy of Ys Special Edition, please visit the official site for the project.

2:26:2002 - Stuff...
Well I start work on 2/27...I will finally be able to start buying stuff now :P This last weekend was one of largest Star Trek conventions in my had Gates McFadden (“Dr. Crusher from TNG), Nichelle Nichols (“Uhura” from TOS), William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and lots more. My girlfriend and I got Nichelle’s autograph and photos are below...I’m in the second photo :)

2:20:2002 - PCEFX TV: Episode 3 Now Available
The 3rd episode of PCEFX TV is now online - A lot of changes have been made to the look and presentation of the show so please leave your feedback if you like/dislike the new look.

2:8:2002 - First PC-FX English Translation test!
That's right people - in an interesting (and long) conversation in IRC with some fellow Turbo/PC-FX people, the first character replacement in a PC-FX game was attemped - and succeded! Lunatic Dawn FX was successfully patched (as a test) so it has been confirmed that doing a translation of a PC-FX game is possible. If and when an official project is started to translate the text in a PC-FX game, the news will be reported here. (thanks to Tru and Dave!).

After 6 years of searching the net, bidding on costly bids on ebay, and making numerous game deals with dozens of people, I finally have a complete PC-FX game collection - all 63 games (including the Yuna Demo). I’m really happy that I’ve finally finished this very hard to get collection of games (sorry none are for sale!!) it’s on to finish my next collection...USA Turbo games...

 Click on the photo to see the entire collection :)

12:4:01 - PC-FX World Update
The PC-FX World has had a small update with some new reviews and a new screen-shot of Super Star Solider 3D!

12:4:2001 - What’s Happening At PCEFX?
First off, I’m sorry for the month gap in updating. I was laid off early in November from my job and am still unemployed. I got a lot of other worries in my life right now so I can’t devote much time to the site.

For those of you who were interested in my Aibo, I didn’t get one because of my layoff...but when I get another job I will be buying one shortly thereafter.

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season. Keep coming back to the site and please post on the Worldwide NEC Console Messageboard..I will try to get on there from time to time.

And lastly, below is a photo of my tree...not too fancy or big (I have a small apartment), but wouldn’t you like to get all of those games for Xmas? Those games represent 99% of the entire American Turbo-CD releases...I just have one game left to go before I have the entire collection! Oh, and the games are NOT for sale :)


10:28:2001 - PCEFX Now Affiliate With Cart-Mart
PCEFX is now a affiliate with We hope to get even more exposure to the gaming market with this decision. You will find a link to their site on the right menu bar.

10:28:2001 - Added Personal Section - “The Life of Maya”
I would usually not link a non-related section to Pcengine-fx, but since this is my site, I’m doing it anyway :) I’ve added a link to the right menu to “The Life of Maya” which is a personal site I’ve made for the 2nd generation AIBO which I will be purchasing very soon. “Maya” in this case is the name I will give “her” when I buy it.

9:30:2001 - General Update...
Wow...been a bit since the last update. Sorry about that...been way too busy at work to update Pcengine-fx..but I’ve managed to get the FX Users List updated with lots of new additions. For those of you looking for a GOOD update...well one is coming! I got more great PC-FX Reviews to add to the PC-FX World so look for that next update!

9:13:2001 - HuCEngine Update!
For those of your who are into coding, the HuCEngine has had an update!

9:12:2001 - What’s Happening At PCEFX
Well, it’s been slow here at PCEFX in terms of updates. Of course this is the nature of the subject matter that PCEFX covers... Of course you must know about the World Trade Center’s an event that is almost unreal and we are thankful that our friends in New York are safe and sound.

9:12:2001 - PC-FX Users List Update
The PC-FX Users List has been updated...check it out.

8:8:2001 - GIANT Update to the PC-FX World
It just doesn’t get any better than this. After just about a year of work, the PC-FX World gets a much-needed update. And what an update this is!
GENERAL SITE CHANGES: Entire site layout & design updated.
SYSTEM OVERVIEW: Expanded & updated system info & added page "Inside Look".
SYSTEM HANDBOOK: Re-formatted layout.
GAME DIRECTORY: Updated listings, now 100% complete & linked all games to the Photo Gallery.
GAME REVIEWS: Added Fire Woman Matoi-gumi review.
GAME LANGUAGE LIST: New section now open!
CODES & FAQs: More codes added, also added place holder for Walkthoughs (coming soon)
PHOTO GALLERY: More complete & expansive game sections for almost every title with larger cover scans & game photos; most now have descriptions. Added any new or missing photos and cover scans as needed.
MP3s & VIDEOS: Added 23 direct-rip videos encoded with latest Windows Media codec; re-formatted layout for easier naviagation.
PRINT ADS & MEDIA: Greatly expanded ad section with 3 new areas: Official Print Ads, Other Print Ads and Wall Poster section...overall over 130+ photos!
FACTS & RUMORS: Greatly expanded and updated info on all of the unreleased PC-FX more!

7:23:2001 - PCEFX Models Off Store Items
Want to see exactly what the items in the PCEFX Web Store look like? Check out our up-close and personal photos of each item - modeled by miss Amy Chan!
Click on the photos below for the larger image

7:23:2001 - Cool Autographs!
Want to see something cool? Below are two autographs - one from Michael Bell who was the voice actor for Dark Fact in Ys I&II, and the other is from Victor Ireland from Working Designs. Thanks to Joe for the shots.
Click on the photos below for a larger image!

7:23:2001 - PC-FX Users List Update
New changes to the PC-FX Users List are now available. Remember, if you have any PC-FX items you need added or changed, please email them.

7:10:2001 - PC-FX appears at Jagfest 2K1!
Below are two photos from this year’s Jagfest 2K1 event in Milwaukee, WI which took place on June 30th. Looks like someone brought their PC-FX with at least Team Innocent and Battle Heat in tow :) Click on the photos below for a larger image!
(thanks to K3V for the photos)


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