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General Information - Visitor Mini-FAQ

What is PCEFX?
PCEFX (now pcengine-fx.com) is the largest and one of the most well known sites related to the NEC line of video game consoles, and is the largest resource anywhere online were you can learn all there is to know about the NEC PC-FX.

What? NEC made consoles?
They sure did! Starting with the PC Engine in Japan back in 1987, and the TurboGrafx-16 in the US in 1989, NEC went out to compete against Nintendo and Sega. In the end, NEC lost the race, but the legacy lives on here.

What is the NEC PC-FX?
The NEC PC-FX was the 32-Bit replacement for the PC Engine in Japan. Released on December 23, 1994, the PC-FX initially got interest, but support quickly dropped off due to NEC’s marketing strategy to not release the same type of games that were on the PC Engine (such as arcade and action games). 62 games were released in total for the FX, the last one released April 24, 1998.

What can I find here?
The main section of PCEFX features a great deal information:
 - Visitor Mini-FAQ: Where you are now :)
 - What are NEC Consoles?: If you wish to know more about the NEC console legacy, read a summarized version here.
 - PCEFX History: A summarized history of the PCEFX site
 - PCEFX News: News related to the NEC console world & PCEFX.
 - PCEFX Features: Check out some of our exclusive features that we have put up over the years.
 - PCEFX Interviews: We’ve done many exclusive interviews with people in the NEC console scene...read them here.
 - PCEFX Radio: The only 24/7 online streaming NEC console radio station!
 - PCEFX TV: One of our most popular exclusives here, PCEFX TV is what the site would look like in video form.
 - PCEFX Homebrew Projects: Check out fan-made PCE/TG related projects here.
 - PCEFX Outlet: Like the site right? Why don’t you support it and buy something cool at our store!
 - PCEFX eMail List: Just email the list and you will be notified of future updates to the site!
 - PC-FX World: The PC-FX World section is the most comprehensive, complete English site anywhere all about the NEC PC-FX 32-Bit console. It is a giant site - spanning over 1,000 HTML pages and thousands of images, there won’t be anything you won’t find about the console.
 - TurboWorld: Coming soon!
 - Forums: The PCEFX Forums is your community to talk all about the NEC consoles.
 - eMail/Contact: Have questions, comments or suggestions for us or the site? Email them!
 - Disclaimer: The PCEFX fine print.

Can I link to you?
Sure! Please use the following banner ad and link to https://www.pcengine-fx.com.

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