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PCEFX brings the NEC console legacy to life with PCEFX TV - The only online TV show bringing you everything PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 related in video form...You’ve never seen anything like this!

This is the first episode of PCEFX TV - Featured in this episode are reviews of the American Turbo games Lords of Thunder and Riot Zone. Also featured is the game Ys I&II Complete from Falcom for Windows 9X PC.

Featured on this episode of PCEFX TV are reviews of Final Zone II for the TurboGrafx-CD, Super Air Zonk for the TurboDuo, and Chip Chan Kick! for the PC-FX. PC Engine and PC-FX Japanese TV ads are featured as well in the TurboGoods section.

DOWNLOAD (WM9, 19.2MB, 315Kbps)

DOWNLOAD (WM9, 16.9MB, 315Kbps)

Featured in this episode of PCEFX TV are reviews of Beyond Shadowgate for the TurboDuo/TGCD, Fatal Fury Special for the PC Engine DUO and Tokimeki Card Paradise for the PC-FX. For the TurboGoods section...well, that’s a surprise!

Featured in this episode of PCEFX TV are reviews of Godzilla (US-SCD), Kabuki Itouryodan (JPN-ACD) and Super God Trooper Zeroigar (PC-FX)..and as always, the Turbo Goods section has a BIG surprise in store!

download_arrowDOWNLOAD (WM9, 17.7MB, 315Kbps)

DOWNLOAD (WM9, 34.3MB, 315Kbps)

Featured in this episode of PCEFX TV are reviews of Chew Man Fu for the TG-16, Terraforming for the TurboDuo and Double Dragon for the PC Engine DUO. The TurboGoods section has somethig special like always!

Check out our E3 2006 direct-from-the-show floor coverage all about the Nintendo Virtual Console, as well as Hudson Soft’s upcomig lineup!

DOWNLOAD (WM9, 64MB, 315Kbps)

DOWNLOAD (WM9, 75MB, 1024Kbps)

In this episode, check out reviews for Wii Virtual Console games, as well as some things you may not have seen before!

DOWNLOAD (WM9, 145MB, 640x480)
DOWNLOAD (QT, 194MB, 640x480)

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