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PCEFX World - Features & Interviews

The Lost Turbo Grafx Part 1
Did you know that there are graphics in Turbo games that are still in the code? Check out this cool feature where we uncover some of those hidden graphics!

Meteor Blaster DX
MindRec is back with an all-new Turbo Super-CD game...we got screenshots, videos, and a in-depth interview with the creator himself!

PC Genjin/Bonk’s Adventure PS2 Mini-Review
Hudson Soft of Japan has released a re-make of Bonk’s Adventure on the JPN PS2 with updated graphics, sound, and gameplay. Check out our mini-review for photos of the game!

IMPLODE: The Turbo Lives Again
Many years after the last official release for the American Turbo system, comes a new home-brew release from MindRec known as IMPLODE. Read on for a interview with Bt Garner, the mind behind the game.

PC-FX/TG Devotional Video
A PCEFX original production - Remembering the NEC line of consoles with this special video tribute!

TZD: The Interview
Ever wondered what was going on at TTi during the last days? Who really turned out the lights when it was all over? Why did NEC look over bringing Mortal Kombat for the TG-16? All of these answers and more can be found in this revealing interview with TZD!

Turbo Moments From Around The World
Turbo memories are always fun to share with other Turbo fans out there, so we’ve compiled a special feature about just that. Check out what PC Engine/TurboGrafx fans have to say about their most memorable Turbo moments!

Lords of Thunder Promo Tape
Remember that “high budget” promo tape from TTi that had people rolling in their own laughter? We got the tape - online and ready for download for you to see yourself!

Lords of Thunder Comparison (PCE vs TurboDuo vs Sega CD)
This is it - the big cheese - the comparison of all comparisons - the classic shooter Lords of Thunder compared on 3 platforms - the PC Engine, TurboDuo and SegaCD! We got it all here - high quality screen shots of each game, detailed differences between each version, and more...so let’s get started!

PCEFX In Gamers Republic
In the Retro Archives of Gamers Republic magazine, they did a review of Zenki for the PC-FX - and PCEFX had a mention in the review as well :) Check it out here.

Interview with Mr. Eagan Rackley - Creator of “Keith PC”
We have a in-depth interview with Eagan Rackley - an active member of the Turbo coding community and author of the Keith PC project.

TurboExpress In The Movies
Interesting enough, in the 1998 movie “Enemy Of The State,” the TurboExpress was used as a video/playback device for video captured onto a PCMCIA card. Though not shown working, the TurboExpress was shown in several scenes thougout the movie, and we have all of the scenes here for you to see.

Last Alert Re-Dub: Return of Bad Voice Acting
Let’s face it - not every game has good voice acting. Some games are so bad, they are too good to forget. Last Alert for the Turbo-CD is one of those games - with B-movie voice acting that is so funny and crazy, someone had to try to re-dub it just to see how much funnier it could get. Check it out here

Fake Turbo Ads
Let’s pretend for a bit, shall we? Pretend that NEC was still in the hardware race with the TurboGrafx line of systems in America...what would their Ad campaign look like? Well, we have concocted some ads that look good enough for NEC to use!

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