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PCEFX World - Homebrew Projects

Dracula X PC Port Project Download
Current version v0.4 - 10.4MB

NEWS - Updated 05.21.06
Welcome to the Dracula X PC Port Project! We are happy to announce that our first build of the project is now available for download. Please keep in mind that the current build is very early in development, and thus may not work on your system and/or be extremely slow due to un-optimized code. We have limited tech support for this project, and if you did have a problem running the demo, or if you had questions/comments about the project, please feel free to post on the official Dracula X PC Port Project thread.

KNOWN BUGS - Updated 05.21.06
v0.4 Bugs
- Too many to list. This is an early “proof of concept” build and thus has tons of bugs.

DISCLAIMER & SUPPORT INFO - Updated 05.21.06
Windows XP (Home or Pro) / 2GHz AMD/Intel CPU or higher / DX9

Feel free to post problems/comments/questions about this game, however we reserve the right to fix/not-fix any issue or bug that may occur. PCEFX reserves the right to terminate this game at anytime and is not liable for any damage this demo may cause on your PC. This game has been tested and is guaranteed virus-free (if downloaded from Pcengine-fx.com) and is made to run on PCs running Microsoft Windows XP. 

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