@GTV reviews the Cosmic Fantasy 1-2 Switch collection by Edia, provides examples of the poor English editing/localization work. It's much worse for CF1. Rated "D" for disappointment, finding that TurboGrafx CF2 is better & while CF1's the real draw, Edia screwed it up...
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Quote from: Mathius on 05/02/2018, 07:02 PMUnfortunately, I don't think you did a very good job in persuading me to plop Renny Blaster into my Duo for another go.   :mrgreen:
I dunno.
I've never played it, but I'm intrigued now. :)
lol. Good luck!
Quote from: esteban on 05/01/2018, 07:14 PMHoly shit, I forgot about that "Züm Züm" campaign! I didn't remember it was Mazda... thought it was for Subaru Sidekick or something (I'm joking, just to run more salt in the wound).

My Mom has a Mazda 3 and when it turns on the display says "Zoom Zoom." It's adorable.
Quote from: crazydean on 05/01/2018, 05:20 PMKinda strange that the game that got the most votes is also the one that probably has been played the most. Oh well, I guess people don't want to try new things.
My interpretation is it's the game most people have and they're more likely to vote for what they know. I voted for Alien Crush because I genuinely enjoy it more than the other games (that I've played) though would have been happy with Hellfire S too.
Batch files are so hot. I love that they are still being used these days. :)
Quote from: Purple1308 on 04/27/2018, 04:34 PMIf you really want to sell off your device you'll need to make the screen 4:3, have a video output, keep a way to have a cd drive function and, make it cheaper than a usual turbo express and pc engine gt
RetroPi outputs proper aspect ratio, have video output (HDMI and Composite), handle CD games fine (everything up through PS1). The most expensive Pi costs $35, but all the 8-16 bit stuff runs fine on the Pi Zero which is like $10.

If you've got a 3d printer, you can print your own case, or get one here for about $25.
A busted Gameboy might be cheaper?

This kit has everything else you need.

I've been wanting to build one of these for ages. :D
Yeah, there are a lot of controllers that introduce lag when using a RetroPi, but I've found a couple that work great.

This is an awesome project, Colin!
I picked up Starpoint Gemini Warlords on Steam a couple of days ago and have been having a blast playing it. It's currently on sale for about $12.
Off-Topic / Re: Stan Lee Abuse?
04/19/2018, 10:13 PM
Quote from: Gypsy on 04/19/2018, 09:43 PMIt is but otoh it brings light to elder abuse which is a real problem that probably needs more attention.
Off-Topic / Re: Stan Lee Abuse?
04/19/2018, 08:37 PM
It's also sad that all this it out in the media mainstream. :(

I saw that Todd McFarlane spent the afternoon with him recently and it sounds like Stan was overjoyed just to have someone to talk with for a few hours.

It also sounds like Kevin Smith has offered to let Stan move in with him. Imagine the hijinx the two of them could get into!
Off-Topic / Re: Random Pictures Thread
04/19/2018, 08:22 PM
Quote from: guest on 04/19/2018, 05:15 PM"f*ck you and f*ck yo' cricket!"  - frog probably
Quote from: esteban on 04/18/2018, 11:10 PMOK, so I still use an old receiver for sound for all my consoles... but I don't use an equalizer (beyond the basic bass/treble controls on the receiver itself).

Equalizers were all the rage when I was a kid in the 80's, but I never really thought they were necessary... however, when making LeDoodles, I have had a lot of fun isolating certain channels and manipulating them individually. Obviously I am limited in what I can do, but I have far greater options with PSG channel manipulation than Red Book audio final mix. 

SO... I have really been wondering how I could "correct" for poor judgement in the final mix of all music, not just video game music.

I should point out that I tend to have different equalizer settings for headphones vs. standard stereo speakers...

...it's really crazy when I want to change settings for each song (OCD).

I just know I don't want to constantly tinker with an equalizer for every single game I play. Or for each damn stage.

Or maybe I do?
I'm with ya! The spot where I play the most has a cheap little Lepai amp powering thrift-shop speakers. I've also connected a thrift-shop powered sub and I'm constantly tinkering with the few audio dials I have when I start a new game.

When I play in our main living room I don't feel compelled to mess with the settings.

Maybe it's because I'm in my own little space and I'm sitting within arms reach of all the dials and stuff, and it's usually just me. :P
Quote from: majors on 04/17/2018, 06:57 PMYou know I'm always drinking my "special tea" and do not have the facilities to post.

Est -> see you next week!


Quote from: hoobs88 on 04/17/2018, 03:51 PMBilly Mitchell was there?
Surprisingly, yes! I only hung around him long enough to get that photo, but he seemed to be just as popular as ever. It was weird.
Quote from: esteban on 04/13/2018, 12:10 AMI like MONTH.


I like this too.
Oh man, I can't wait to see Babymetal next month!
Quote from: JoshTurboTrollX-16 on 04/11/2018, 10:10 AMWell, while we wait until Nectarsis posts a pic... I did this little something..

Any ideas?

Is that Phantasy Star Online?
General Gaming / Re: Xbox One
04/11/2018, 11:17 AM
Quote from: Digi.k on 04/11/2018, 09:30 AMYou can look into Red Dead Redemption. the xbox 360 version is backwardly compatible with xbox one and just a few hours ago MS uploaded a patch to bump the resolution playing it on 1X brings the game up to 4k or it can supersampling scale it down to 1080p on non 4k screens
That's pretty slick!
Wow, that looks way closer to the original. :O
Off-Topic / Re: What happened to Nullity?
04/10/2018, 08:44 PM
Quote from: Gredler on 04/10/2018, 07:03 PMcom·pro·mise
an agreement or a settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions.
"an ability to listen to two sides in a dispute, and devise a compromise acceptable to both"
synonyms:   agreement, understanding, settlement, terms, deal, trade-off, bargain; More
settle a dispute by mutual concession.
"in the end we compromised and deferred the issue"
synonyms:   meet each other halfway, come to an understanding, make a deal, make concessions, find a happy medium, strike a balance; give and take
"we compromised"
accept standards that are lower than is desirable.
"we were not prepared to compromise on safety"

the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility.
"their lack of accountability has corroded public respect"
synonyms:   responsibility, liability, answerability
"there must be accountability for the expenditure of every public cent"

the action or process of forgiving or being forgiven.
"she is quick to ask forgiveness when she has overstepped the line"
synonyms:   pardon, absolution, exoneration, remission, dispensation, indulgence, clemency, mercy; More

the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.
synonyms:   kindliness, kindheartedness, warmheartedness, affection, warmth, gentleness, concern, care; More
a kind act.
plural noun: kindnesses
"it is a kindness I shall never forget"
synonyms:   kindliness, kindheartedness, warmheartedness, affection, warmth, gentleness, concern, care; More
This. Holy shit. :D
Happy Birthday, Rover!

I'll be at MGC, so I'd be happy to pick my copy up there.
Quote from: CrackTiger on 04/08/2018, 07:46 PMFYI, these are the homebrew games which have physical releases:

Meteor Blaster
Mysterious Song
Pyramid Plunder
Revival Chase
Hypernova Blast
FX Unit Yuki -this week
Protocade got a physical release too, though it's very limited.

oooOOOOoooo I don't know if I'll be able to make while I'm at MGC but I'll try to make it to the next Turbofest there!
Quote from: TheClash603 on 04/05/2018, 12:00 AMI really enjoyed Gale Racer on Saturn.  I used to play this game all the time in the arcade in the moving car, so it may be nostalgia talking.
That's how I remember playing it too. I spent a ton of money playing it back then because I loved how the car moved (much like the earlier After Burner game). It was pricey, but worth it.
Quote from: BigusSchmuck on 04/04/2018, 11:51 PMJust finished Devilman Crybaby. Brutal. Tits and gore. Enough said.
Groovy. That's on Netflix, isn't it?
I'll check my version and report back. If I think about it I'll record a video so you can listen along! :D

I might have a Turbo RF Adapter. If I can dig it up I'll bring it to MGC.
Quote from: Pfloydguy2 on 04/04/2018, 09:32 PMI put together a list of all the games that have been done so far.  Not that the rules ban any repeats, but I thought it would be helpful to anyone trying to choose a game to draw, rather than sifting through 14 pages of bad guesses and Silent Debuggers comments.

Perfect Dark
Serei Senshi Spriggan
Legendary Axe
Deep Blue
Parasol Stars
Kid Icarus
Mega Man
Factory Panic
Gunstar Heroes
Forgotten Worlds
Another World
Bart Simpson: Escape from Camp Deadly
Castlevania Dracula X: Rondo of Blood
Super Monkey Ball
D&D Treasure of Tarmin
Knight Rider Special
Sky Soldiers
Thanks for this!
Awesome! Are you or Saru going to be at MGC? There's no need to mail mine if I can just pick it up from one of you there. :D
Can I add another option? I vote for mother nature. It's freaking APRIL! There's still snow on the ground and it looks like 2 of next the 5 days we're getting more. Give it a break already.
Off-Topic / Re: What happened to Nudity?
04/04/2018, 10:29 PM
Quote from: guest on 04/04/2018, 03:53 AMPunch, you're free to post boobs wherever and whenever you like in this thread. Here's an animated tit gif for you:
I lol'd. :D
New stuff! :D

I found a place on AliExpress that sells all sorts of unlicensed Lego characters for dirt cheap. I had to see if they looked as cool in real life as they looked on the web store. They do. :)


I didn't know this got a Saturn port and I hear it's not as good as the arcade version, but I've been meaning on trying it out and finally found one for next to nothing.


and last but not least, the new pins for this year's MGC arrived!

Those AsciiPads are awesome! I have 2 of them too! One is a permanent fixture on my Retron 5. It works so well for so many games.
I have some extra space in my hotel room in case anyone wants a place to crash and can help share the room costs. Shoot me a PM if interested.
Very cool info. I'll have to check out Kaidan 00.
I haven't played Psychic Storm in ages so loaded it up on my Pi and it totally feels like a sequel to Cyber Core! The ships look and evolve kinda similarly, the sound effects are similar. I think it looks, plays and sounds better than Cyber Core, but that's probably because it's a CD game.

Is this a "duh" moment for me? Is there really a connection between the two games or am I just seeing things?
I can't wait!