OMG! ZIRIA! ZIRIA!! ZIRIA!!! IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!! 34 YEARS LATER!! The epic/legendary Tengai Makyou/Far East of Eden: Ziria JRPG has finally been localized! Supper the Subtitler struck again! Simply unstoppable, NOTHING can prevent him from TOTAL PCECD localization domination!!!! WHACHA GONNA DO BROTHER?!?!
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I have searched and it doesn't seem like a controller extension cable exists.  Has anyone ever made their own?  With two controllers, would you be able to dissect the cord and make one double length cord?

The way my stuff is set up I technically can get by with the standard length, but player 2 always has a cord in their face.  Would be great to fix that issue.
I actually enjoy playing old baseball games and this looks okay.  Not a single copy on eBay, perhaps no one else wants this game? If you have a copy and are willing to sell, let me know.

Also, anyone ever use this Nin-Nin-Game site?  Seems they have the game, but I see some pretty mixed reviews of the site.  It's not too expensive, so if no luck here I might just give it a shot.
GohanX is an asshole.
General Gaming / Virtual Cameraman
12/30/2016, 01:30 AM
The Virtual Cameraman games on Laseractive are some of my biggest guilty pleasures.  The games are hilarious and actually fairly challenging and fun to play.  Plus titties, even if they are a bit small...

Has anyone played the 3DO versions of the series?  It looks like part 1 and 2 on 3DO aren't the same as the Laseractive games, is this true?  How do the games compare regrading quality and content?

Finally, does anyone know if the games run fine on a U.S. 3DO?  I heard some games heavy with Japanese text have issues on a U.S. 3DO.

...I am hoping there is at least one fellow pervert out there who can help, before I decide to drop money on the 3DO games.
Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to play D&D.  Now that I am 33, I finally have successfully gathered 4 other people for a weekly session.  I am the DM and have been having a blast playing.  Has anyone else ever played?

I just bought a box of pawns and some grid sheets so we can stop using our imagination and start playing more tactical battles.  Anyone have any tips for first time players?
I will start by admitting it.
My girlfriend and I just did a 4 city trip in Europe; Warsaw, Berlin, Paris, and Athens.  One of the things I was most excited for on this trip was to check out the video games in these countries.  Of course I wanted to see the retro games, but at the very least going to the equivalent of Gamestop in each country to see the selection was something I was looking forward to.  However, after going to each of these places, I am pretty sure that Europeans don't play games!

In the U.S., you can't go more than a few blocks without seeing a Gamestop.  On top of that, in my town there is at least 10 retro game stores and other pawn shop type places that have a decent selection of old games.  I figured it would be somewhat similar in these other cities, but I was very wrong.

In Warsaw I did not see a single video game.  There were no game stores, electronics stores, or even games available in any of the department type stores I went into.  In the mall there was no Gamestop or equivalent.  I don't believe anyone in Warsaw has video games.

In Berlin I did go into what I believe was the equivalent of a Best Buy, called Saturn.  The store had a pretty limited selection of games and no special editions or anything that I couldn't find in the U.S.  When I visited a town about 45 minutes outside of Berlin called Oranienburg (home to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp and Nazi concentration camp headquarters...) there was the only retro video game store I saw on the whole trip.  The store called Spielkultur had mostly Playstation and newer stuff, with a small selection of 8-bit and 16-bit games (no obey).  Since I felt I had to buy something, I picked up Sonic Chaos and Laser Ghost for Master System at a not great 10 Euro each, especially since both games were missing manuals.  The one thing I noticed was that the games were in shitty condition (like the gross flea market condition) and almost all of them were incomplete.  I would say worse condition than U.S. game stores, which I was surprised by.

In Paris there were no retro stores at all and I found only one electronic store (Best Buy-esque) with any video games.  This store carried only the top 50 games or so and had little selection, so I wasn't there for long.  The only cool "video game" I picked up was the 3DS Louvre museum guide retail edition, which can only be bought at the Louvre.  Cool trivia fact, this is the only region free game on the 3DS.  As a Laseractive fan, I have a soft sport for edutainment.

In Athens I didn't see one video game, much like Warsaw.  I don't believe people in Athens have any gaming at all.

Overall, I was a bit surprised by the lack of video games I saw in each of these countries.  I didn't see much video game advertising either, which was also different from the U.S.  As my only other international trip (excluding Canada) was Tokyo, obviously this was in stark contrast to what I had seen before.  Based on what I have read online, I get the impression that the UK may have more widespread console gaming, but I don't know this first hand.

Has anyone else been to Europe and agree with these sentiments?  Any of your European forum members want to chime in and maybe let me know I was looking in the wrong places?  I probably walked 100 miles over my two week trip and I was all over these cities (not just in the tourist spots), so I figured there would've been more to see.  I guess Europeans don't actually play video games.
Off-Topic / Frank Thomas is Immortal
07/27/2014, 11:12 PM
Finally got a chance to watch the greatest baseball player of my lifetime give his HOF speech.  I know there are a few Chicago guys on here, so I figured the man at least deserved to get a quick shout out from PCE land.

P.S. - My father and I don't hug or really doing any of that emotional stuff...  but after watching that speech, I should probably hug my father.
Since I posted some sales threads, I figured I should also give something away at the same time.  The only thing is, I am giving away some weird shit..  One winner will be drawn and you get to take your pick from the following items:

1.)  Neo Geo AES - Garbled Spy
-  I have a loose copy of Super Spy which starts out fine, but the graphics always start to glitch after some play.  I have actually played through the glitched game, so it is beatable, just ugly.  I figure someone else may want to give Garbled Spy a try.  Who knows, maybe you can fix the game or even use the cart to bootleg Metal Slug!


2.)  Laseractive - Pyramid Brains: Melon Patrol
-  For some reason I own a loose Pyramid Patrol for Laseractive, but it is randomly in a Melon Brains sleeve.  The game is pretty scratched, but I was able to play through the first stage today, so it seems to be working.


I am going to put a minimum 100 post count for this raffle, though I can pick all entrants at my discretion.  U.S. only entrants please, unless you want to pick up shipping.  I'll probably let this run for 10 days or so before picking a winner.  Enjoy!

1.)  Opethian - Garbled Spy
2.)  jeffhlewis - Pyramid Brains: Melon Patrol
3.)  Dicer - Garbled Spy
4.)  BlueBMW - Pyramid Brains: Melon Patrol
5.)  Medic-wheat:  Garbled Spy

Looks like the early bird caught the worm.  I did this raffle a little different in that I kept hitting the random button until 4 names came up and only one was not picked.  Opethian is the least lucky guy in that his name never popped up, so he wins!
For sale I have the following:

Bonk 3 Hu w/ manual - $170
Both the game and instructions are in very good condition.


Jackie Chan w/ manual - $70
Game is in very good condition.  The manual has some minor bending, though it also looks nice.


Also, I have some Vectrex and Laseractive stuff for sale in this other thread:
Taking pictures of my game room the other day made me realize I have too much stuff...  So I decided to sell some of my dupes!  I don't know if there is much interest for these items around here, but I figured I'd give you guys first pick.  Pictures provided upon request, as I don't want to flood the thread with pics if there isn't any interest.  Note, prices do not include shipping, which will be based on actual size and weight of items.


3D Imager with Box + Minestorm 3D + Color Wheel   $500
-  I tested this item tonight, which worked like a charm.  It is in gamer condition and no paperwork is included in the box.  The biggest knock is the foam on the inside of the Imager is loose and slides around, though it does re-affix when pressed.  Also, the foam leaves a residue on your face when you are done playing, so you will look like Ted Danson until you wipe off.

Vectrex Light Pen + Box + Instructions + Art Master   $130
-  The box for this item is very beat up, as it essentially opens like a book.  The actual pen, instructions, and Art Master are all in good condition.

Berzerk   CIB   $25
Solar Quest   CIB   $30
Cosmic Chasm   CIB   $25
Melody Master   CIB   $110
Pole Position   CIB   $90
Starhawk   Cart Only   $8


Space Berserker   (US)- No instructions or Obi - $45
Demon's Judgement - No Obi (Game never came with instructions) - $90
Great Pyramid (US)- New and Sealed - $50
I Will: Story of London (US) - New and Sealed - $50
Zoom Volume 7 - $25
Off-Topic / RIP - Oderus Urungus
03/26/2014, 12:13 AM

For the last 10 years I have looked forward to GWAR's annual tour as one of the highlights of the year.  Last year I didn't have anyone to go with, so I dragged my gf with me.  After we left she said "that was disgusting and I will never go again."  Ironic because she was right...  but awesome because she was actually offended in an era where nothing offends.

Anyone else here a fan of GWAR?  I think the music got better over the years and the live shows were always great.

GWAR - Have You Seen Me? (HD)

I was reading the listing and seeing what was in it.  It took me a minute to read through, but $650 BIN was a good deal with the following games:

-  Dungeon Explorer II
-  Ys Book I & II
-  Ys III
-  Lords of Thunder
-  Air Zonk

With 35+ other games, many which usually sell for about $30 each and a Duo.  I clicked on BIN and saw that the auction had ended.  I missed it by about 30 seconds   ](*,) ](*,)

I hope someone on here (that I like) won this auction!  I realized I have zero TG16 games for trade bait, that's why I was looking to get it.  Plus it never hurts to get another Duo.
Has anyone else ever noticed how much the Andre Panza's hu-card font looks like "KKK Boxing."  From afar or at a quick glance, it doesn't look like "Kick" at all.  What a terrible font choice.
Off-Topic / Wind Chill Sucks
01/07/2014, 05:55 PM
How cold was it where you were today?

Buffalo, NY got down to -5 and wind chill was -30.  All of the roads were closed due to white outs, because the snow was blowing so much.  I think this is the coldest weather I ever have experienced for a sustainable period.
When I was reading the "Sega Saturn Worth It?" thread, I couldn't stop thinking about how good the controller for the Sega Saturn was.  Of course the d-pad was great and the pad was comfortable overall, but one of the keys to the pad was its six face buttons.

As I played Killer Instinct Classic on my Xbone tonight, I couldn't help to get annoyed with the trigger buttons, which do not work very well in this or any fighting game.

Thinking back to the PSX, Saturn, N64 era, there was only one controller with 4 face buttons.  Sure the N64 face consisted of 2 good buttons and 4 shitty yellow direction buttons, but the truth is there was 6 buttons.  Unfortunately for gamers and the future of gaming, Sony won the generation's battle, and 4 face buttons ruled going forward.  Even Sega itself emulated the 4 face buttons in its next system, presumably to make something approachable for the Sony fan base it so desperately wanted to win back.

It is kind of interesting the Microsoft tried to bring back the 6 face buttons with a half-ass attempt with the "white" and "black" buttons on the original XBox, but the controller was so uncomfortable and crappy that I think this put the final nail in the 6 face button coffin.

The PS4 or Xbone contollers could very easily put 2 more buttons on the face, retain all of the comfort of the controllers, and maintain the same trigger/dual analog stick design.

...perhaps this was a rant, but in summation, Sony ruined gaming controls forever when they took away two of my face buttons.  For this, I will never forgive them!
I see a bunch of people picked up PS4...  but I didn't see anyone else mention getting an Xbox One.  I understand the Microsoft anti-consumer stuff, but thankfully they went back on almost all of it.  With that said, I have really enjoyed my Xbox One so far.  Until the PS4 gets some games, I don't think it is even a question which is better day one.

1.)  Killer Instinct - I have played a decent amount of this game and I am craving more.  Need to go through the training to better understand the intricacies of the combo system, but so far it is a lot of fun.  Once they add more characters it will be great.  Only big problem is Jago is free, so about 60% of online matches are against Jago.  Orchid is my main so far and I am ashamed, as this is the only fighting game I use a female character (Strip Fighter excluded).

2.)  Forza 5 - Very nice visuals and highly refined racing game.  If you are into racing simulators, this is about as good as it gets.  Some complaints that there are fewer cars / tracks than Forza 4, but I am content with the amount on the disc so far.

3.)  Ryse - Game looks awesome and plays really well.  I wish I played on a harder difficulty because normal seems to be a cake walk, but otherwise I am digging this big time.  Some complaints of repetition have been made, but I am a huge beat-em-up fan so I embrace it.  This is as close to God of War as you are going to get next gen day one.  I am torn between KI and this game as my favorite day one releases of the PS4/XB1 generation.

4.)  Madden 25 - I got this one because it is a game my friends will actually play.  Doesn't seem too different than the last 30 Maddens and the graphics aren't so hot.  Friends like it though, so I guess it is what it is.

5.)  Dead Rising 3 - Saving this one for the long weekend.  Was a big fan of Dead Rising 1, but the second game felt like it was missing something.

6.)  Crimson Dragon - Saving this one for my week off in December.  Nervous I am going to be disappointed, this was the game I was originally most excited for.

My criticisms so far are:

1.)  Installs are EMBARRASSINGLY slow.  It takes like 90+ minutes to install a game.  You can start before it is all the way installed, but there is always the risk you hit a point where it says "wait."

2.)  The Kinnect doesn't understand me most of the time.  I went to school for radio broadcasting for a while and I am fairly certain I speak quite clearly, so this is obnoxious.  At this point I just started to use the controller to select stuff.

3.)  The TV feature seems to skip on my system.  I don't know what would cause this to happen, not sure if my system is defective?  Everything else works.  I wonder if it has something to do with Westinghouse not being selectable from the TV model list?  I just unhooked my pass through and put the cable straight to the TV again.  I don't feel like having my system on all day just to watch TV, seems counter-intuitive to the electronic's longevity.

I figured I'd give my opinion, since it seems no one else is on board with the Xbox One.
Off-Topic / NECA NES Freddy
08/08/2013, 08:02 AM
I just picked up the NES Friday the 13th figure and I am happy to see they are doing a Nightmare on Elm Street counterpart.

Is anyone else going to get this?

I don't think it looks as good as the Jason figure, but that is largely because the Jason figure has a ridiculous purple jump suit, and Freddy's in-game character is more true to the movie.  Either way, this was a great idea and I am sure NECA made some good cash on these.
I just got back from the classic pinball arcade (probably not the official name) in Wildwood, NJ.  Has anyone else ever gone to this place?

The staff was kind shitty and they don't let you take pictures...  but that is where the bad stuff ended.  Great selection of old pinball machines and classic amusement devices (target shooters, baseball games, those projection racing games, etc.).

My highlight was playing Orbitor 1, which is the only curved surface pinball game ever made.  You should YouTube this game if you never saw one, it is crazy.

Highly recommend this place for those in the south NJ area or you NYers on a beach run.
Off-Topic / NYC Suggestions
07/14/2013, 12:09 PM
My gf gave me the green light to come to NYC and see the MLB All Star Game.  I am staying with a friend in LI and making the daily commute into the city.

My gf stayed at our apartment and didn't come along for the trip so I have Mon afternoon to wander the city by myself.  I used to live here...  but that was 5 years ago.  Any suggestions on how to kill time that day?  Preferably a good lunch spot that did not exist 5 years ago I won't be a creep at by myself.
Off-Topic / Pictures w/ the Ex
07/08/2013, 09:57 PM
I was just cleaning up my closet and in the back I found a photo album that was given to me by my ex-gf when we broke up.  The album contains pictures of me, her, us, as well as a letter she wrote when we split ways.

Now, I will say I have ZERO feelings for the ex and I don't for a second wish I was still with her...  but, with that said it was nice looking at these pictures of us.  Included are the pictures of when I worked at Dollywood and my first trip to Vegas.  Also included are pictures of me when I was in great shape (30lbs lighter..  yeesh) and my hair had not yet begun to grey...

My question is...  should I throw this album out?  I don't want to make the current girlfriend jealous or upset if she happens to stumble upon it.  However, the pictures are some of the only documentation of 3 1/2 years of my life circa 2002-2006.  Let me know what you think.
I was just thinking about some of the more expensive CD games for the TG16.  These games are very expensive because they are hard to find.  The question I have is why?

I have to imagine that the cost of programming a game, designing the packaging, marketing, etc. was quite expensive.  With that high cost, why only press a few thousand games?  Some estimates are as low as 1,500 to 3,000 copies.

It seems that the cost to press a few hundred games in 2013 is about $500.  Was the cost of pressing CDs in the 90s much higher?  I thought that the transition from cartridge to CD was prompted by two things, more storage and cheaper medium.

If there were a hundreds of thousands of systems sold in the U.S., why not just press 20,000 CDs and spend the extra few thousands of dollars?  If the company already had many thousands of dollars committed to the game, what is a few grand more?

Am I missing something here?  Were CDs very expensive to press in the 90s?
Off-Topic / Baseball Thread
04/02/2013, 11:02 PM
Seems there are a lot of baseball fans in the community, so I figured I would start a thread to talk baseball.

Anyone else watch Yu Darvish get Moosed tonight?  I got a good laugh out of it.  Was the second time I have seen a perfect game squashed at 8 2/3 live.

Why the hell were the Houston fans cheering Yu on btw?
General Gaming / Bomberman 2 DS
03/19/2013, 11:04 PM
Anyone ever play Bomberman 2 DS?  The game got a EUR release, but never came out in the US.

It is pretty cheap, but I was just wondering if it is worth my time to import?

To be clear, this is not the Bomberman Touch 2, which was released in the US.
I MUST BUY A GAMECUBE GAMESHARK!  One of the best racing games ever gets even better, I am pumped.

In Toronto there was one arcade with F-Zero AX and I got a little play in using that moving cab, I am pretty pumped to give it some more time.
I suppose this is a longshot, but I am looking to buy Richard Burns Rally for the Gizmondo.  Preferably the European release, but the U.S. release would be great too.

I also have for trade the European release SSX for Gizmondo.

I've slowly pieced together every game for this thing and this is the last one I need.
I bought this cheap ass 50" Westinghouse LCD TV for $350 on Black Friday and I have been surprisingly happy with it for the cost so far.  My biggest complaint is the awful sound that comes out of the thing and I need to fix this fast!

I was at Best Buy and there were surround sound receivers / speakers for $300 up to $1,000+.  I am basically looking for something in the $300 range that won't make me cry to listen to.  My only real need would be to hook up the Cable Box, Blu Ray player, XBOX 360, and Wii U all at the same time to the thing.  I live in an apartment building with a crotch for a neighbor, so it doesn't need to get too loud either.

I notice that most of the boxes had 3-4 HDMI in ports, but I assume those are no good for the items I listed due to them having only one HDMI out and that is going to the TV.  So I guess that leaves me with optical out sound?  Does this sound good in surround sound?  How muct are optical sound cables?  I have honestly never used one before.

Anyway, I am sure I sound like an asshole because I have never bought surround sound before and I don't know what I am talking about.  Any suggestions and especially links to products (Amazon, Best Buy, etc.) would be awesome.

Thanks in advance!

I read this article and my mind was blown.  I hope it isn't too long before this technology is available and practically priced.  I know that Valve is apparently working on similar headset hardware.

Anyone else think this sounds amazing?
Off-Topic / PC-Engine Chat Down?
09/26/2012, 08:36 PM
I got booted from the chat and I haven't been able to get back in.  Is this just happening to me, or is the chat down?

Shitz homies.
Off-Topic / Before Watchmen
08/27/2012, 10:39 PM
Anyone else reading these comics?  I don't get down to the comic shop too often, but I had to see what these brought to the Watchmen mythology.

I just got done reading though Dr. Manhattan #1...  WTF!!?!?!??

There is a strange feeling that other people are changing one man's creation, but I suppose that has happened with comics since forever.  If anyone else is reading these, I will get into more detail...  but I figured I'd get a feeler out there for now.
07/31/2012, 12:29 AM
For me it depends on the level of service from the massage staff, and how the massage was, and etc., if I'm not feeling the massage I wouldn't leave a tip. Probably will get flamed but that's how it is lol

Save me some packing effort and you can have both items below for $185 shipped ($15 off).

TG16 Super System Card 3.0 - $160 Shipped

Overall in pretty nice shape.  There is some yellowing on the case and the manual has a little smudge on the back (seen in the picture).  Also, this must've come from the house of a smoker, since there is a smoke scent to the card.  Tested and works.



Gate of Thunder - $40 Shipped

In pretty nice shape, comes with all 3 manuals which have minimal creasing.  Again, there is some yellowing on the case and the game has a smokey odor to it.  Tested and worked with the 3.0 system card.


Feel free to send me a PM.  I would like this stuff gone before the weekend.  If no one is interested by Sunday, I'll probably post this stuff somewhere else.  Thanks!
Some family stuff came up and I ended up not being home and online for nearly 2 weeks.  I just came back and wow...  this is overwhelming.  10 pages of posts!?

Anyone else ever not come on here for a long time and see that many unread topics?  Where did you begin?  I don't even know how to approach it.  Here it goes I guess!

I ordered a TG16 briefcase unit off of ebay a little while ago, but never got around to playing with it until today.  Once I had the unit hooked up and I was ready to go, there was no spinning of the disc.  Unfortunately I assume this is the gear issue?

According to the ebay auction:  "A friend of mine still had cd games and tested it with 3 games and they all loaded and played. I hope this help Thanks Jay."  Could I possibly be doing something wrong?  I have never used anything except my Duo or LA before, so perhaps I am not putting the system together correctly?  When I hit run at the menu screen, it says "please wait a moment," but nothing occurs with the disc.  It says "PC" in red lights on the actual disc unit.

When I unplugged the unit from the base, it said "0" in red lights.  I put a disc in it and hit play, still no spin.

Since the auction states "no returns," I am probably stuck with this thing.  Any help would be great.  Also, to any of you gear guys, what would it cost me to get the repair done if this is in case the issue?

P.S. - Don't buy from muzknt on ebay.  Not only does my item appear to not work, but the system was shipped to me in its original box.  There are now a bunch of UPS stickers and tape on the system's box that will never come off. is the auction.
I am in a push to rid myself of duplicates, so I figure that I should get rid of my extra Beyond Shadowgate.  Last copy of this game on ebay was a $300 BIN, and that was snatched up right away.  Although there were no pictures of that game (who the hell spends $300 without a picture?), since my copy is in less than perfect condition, I figure $180 or best offer   GAME IS SOLD  is a fair sale price.  Note, the game comes without the poster and also the manual is pretty beat up.  I will keep this up here exclusively until the end of tomorrow (Monday 4/9/12) so people on this forum get first dibs.

Here are a few pictures of the game:


Thanks for looking!  Price updated because I was told it is too high...  hopefully it is better now.

Game is on hold because I had a few offers.  I will just go down the line at this point and hopefully someone is playing Beyond Shadowgate soon!  Thanks for the interest.
I ended up getting a second copy of MLB 12 for the PS3 due to a package deal I just bought.  The game is normally $60 new + tax, so $48 shipped is a steal.  If anyone wants it, let me know.  If not, I am going to throw it up on ebay later tonight or maybe tomorrow.  I am putting the short window on this sale because I am not sure of how many modern sports gamers are on this site, and I assume it is pretty low, and I just want to rid myself of this duplicate.

I am a huge baseball fan and I already own the game on my PS3 and Vita and it is awesome.  If any of you are baseball fans and are on the fence, trust me, you'll enjoy the purchase.
I don't really have a practical reason to own a 2.0 TG16 system card, but since it is the only card that is missing from my collection and it is pretty common/cheap, I figure I should add it to my shelf.  Anyone have a spare they can sell me?

General Gaming / Abobo's Big Adventure
01/14/2012, 06:23 PM
I just read about this and decided I'd give it a pay.  Two hours later I made it through the entire game, and really enjoyed it.  I actually enjoyed it so much I gave them a small donation :)  Anyway, this is definitely a flash game worth checking out.
Earlier someone was talking about Fighting Street, and I made the comment that it needed more vagina.  So here it is, more vagina.

Every now and then I see a girl walk by with some serious camel toe, and that kind of turns me on.  I think to myself, even if she doesn't take her pants off, with a little lube, I could rub up against there and basically be having sex...  especially if she's wearing spandex or something that wouldn't be too abrasive.  Due to this, I love camel toe.  As I get older and turn more into a dirty old man, camel toe is one of the simple pleasures in my life.

Anyway, I've voiced my view on camel toe to some of my friends, and some of them have responded that they think it is gross. I do not understand this, and I assume this opinion is in the minority.  Time to use scientific polling to find out.  Post some pictures to support/refute your vote, mainly so I can see more vagina.

First, some celebrity camel toe.  Kelly Ripa usually doesn't do it for me.  Normally she doesn't shut up and I hate everything that comes out of her lips.  In the following picture, you see that that her other lips are a little less obnoxious.


And now for something a little more sloppy.

Off-Topic / 1,000th Post Thread
07/31/2011, 01:33 AM
This thread is only for people to post their 1,000th post.  If you try to post anything else but your 1,000th post here, you are an asshole...   because this is the 1,000th post thread.

Just wanted to say this site has been pretty solid for the first 1,000 posts, hopefully it keeps getting better!

I wonder if anyone else will ever post here?

I think I am going to pick this up, because my Verizon contract is up, and it is more powerful than the original Droid (which I have).  Also, I have an NES emulator on my droid, and the only thing I don't like about it is the controls.  This thing is the iPhone killer to me, just because of the awesome physical buttons.  I hope it has full access to the PSN, with PSP games.

If only the slide out controls could flip around to reveal a full qwerty keyboard on the opposite side.  Then this would be the perfect phone.

Anyone else going to get one of these?

It seems that LG is calling to block the sale of the PS3.  While that most certainly won't happen, what will likely happen is a very expensive settlement, if LG's claims hold true.

Sony seems to steal all of their tech now-a-days, and they don't do a good job of hiding it or settling.  Dual-Shock anyone?  I can't wait til the PSP2 is just an iPod Touch with buttons glued on.
Off-Topic / Sonic Fan Remix
02/02/2011, 07:27 PM

I just saw this game for the first time today, and figured I'd post the link for anyone else who hasn't heard of it.  Sonic Fan Remix has a ton of potential, and I had a lot of fun playing the short 3 stages...

The game looks awesome, plays pretty well, and is in the spirit of the original games.  I am a big fan of the big Robotnik that was floating in the background, and the killer whale return.

Only issues i see is the lack of bonus stage, no power-ups, no bosses, and I fell through the ground a few times...  but this is just a demo afterall!

What do you guys think?
Looking for a boxed Super Grafx (with games would be nice), or Coryoon w/ manual.

I have both Beyond Shadowgate (missing poster) and Godzilla (US copy).

Also have a boxed Virtual Boy system and a few games (US), and Mega Man X4 Sega Saturn (US) if anyone is interested.

I would do cash in addition to an item or two if the deal is right.  Not looking to sell anything at this time.  Thanks!
General Gaming / 3DS Preorders
12/28/2010, 08:24 PM
I went and plopped down my $50 at Gamestop today for a 3DS.  I don't know how many they will be taking, so if you are looking to get a 3DS, I recommend heading over there soon.

New Kid Icarus is going to be the best thing ever...  or make me sad.

Too bad the iphone sucks.  Impossible to play these games without physical buttons.
General Gaming / New Bomberman - Xbox Live
12/08/2010, 10:29 PM

Looks kinda meh to me.  I don't like that you can use avatars to play, and the angle looks a little off?
I just bought a Neo Geo AES, and I am looking to get a few games and a controller.  The reason I never bought this system before is because the games cost way too much.  With that said, I wouldn't mind getting some of the 2nd tier and somewhat quality titles if they can be found for a reasonable price.  Just let me know what you have and how much you want.

Off-Topic / Is Chop a Magician?
11/11/2010, 11:04 AM
I sent Chop a useless piece of plastic, and received back a Turbo Express.  Not sure if I should send my many thanks or initiate a burning on the stake?

Don't believe me, try it!
I posted this on Digitpress, as I don't know if anyone on this board will have a Saturn specific item, but it never hurts to ask!

I am looking to buy the Daytona Netlink Edition CIB (although I believe the game and manual are unique, and the case is just the same as CCE?).  I am nearing a complete Saturn collection, so am hoping to find this at a fair price.

For trade I have a few items:
Godzilla - Turbografx CD
Beyond Shadowgate - Turbografx CD
Ghost Rush - Laseractive
Triad Stone - Laseractive
CIB Virtual Boy system, with CIB AC adapter, and 4 loose games (Mario Clash, Mario Tennis, Red Alarm, Galactic Pinball)
Turbo Duo System (loose w/ 1 controller and a 13 hu-card games, such as Chase HQ, Shockman, and Order of the Griffon)
CIB Super Mario Advance 3 and CIB Super Mario Advance 4
CIB Mega Man X4 - Sega Saturn