@GTV reviews the Cosmic Fantasy 1-2 Switch collection by Edia, provides examples of the poor English editing/localization work. It's much worse for CF1. Rated "D" for disappointment, finding that TurboGrafx CF2 is better & while CF1's the real draw, Edia screwed it up...
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Quote from: CrackTiger on 04/08/2018, 07:46 PMFYI, these are the homebrew games which have physical releases:

Meteor Blaster
Mysterious Song
Pyramid Plunder
Revival Chase
Hypernova Blast
FX Unit Yuki -this week
Protocade got a physical release too, though it's very limited.

Off-Topic / Re: What happened to Nudity?
04/04/2018, 10:29 PM
Quote from: guest on 04/04/2018, 03:53 AMPunch, you're free to post boobs wherever and whenever you like in this thread. Here's an animated tit gif for you:
I lol'd. :D
New stuff! :D

I found a place on AliExpress that sells all sorts of unlicensed Lego characters for dirt cheap. I had to see if they looked as cool in real life as they looked on the web store. They do. :)


I didn't know this got a Saturn port and I hear it's not as good as the arcade version, but I've been meaning on trying it out and finally found one for next to nothing.


and last but not least, the new pins for this year's MGC arrived!

Quote from: guest on 03/09/2018, 12:50 AMLooks like it was a trading figure, from one of those blind box jobs they do in Japan. 
More infos:
Would love the Feena personally.
Awesome! Thanks!
These little guys arrived a few days ago. They glow in the dark! :D

I picked up a Component Video Switcher from Amazon. It's remote controlled. :)


Quote from: VmprHntrD on 02/09/2018, 04:23 PMThe 150in1 is one of the better, but there is an even nicer one, and in Famicom format can cost you like 1/2 the price of that.  The Super Games 500in1.  It has maybe 330~ unique games with NO repeats, and the other are subpar lesser than homebrew quality pure garbage from who knows where.

The 500in1 has a lot of those $50-1000 Famicom/NES era stuff people go stupid over with their wallets now so the selection is a fantastic slice of goodies.  It does lack some of those games people go nuts over, but they tend to be chipped games by the maker.  Things like the Konami VRC line of stuff (Twinbee 3, Gradius 2, Yume Monogatari Penguin, Castlevania III, Crisis Force, Bio Miracle Bokuette Upa, and others aren't on it.)  But you do get the nasties like Adventure Island 4, Little Samson, Bubble Bobble 2, Contra Force, TMNT Tournament Fighters, Rescue Rangers 2, Gun Nac, Flintstones 2, and others.  I'd go find a list and skim it as it's crazy.
Yeah, I've got this 340-in-1 cart for the Famicom and it's got tons of awesome games on it.

I finally finished Startling Odyssey II! It took a little over 35 hours, but was all sorts of fun.

Another way to play CD games on the go is to use a flashcart for the DS. I bought a cheapie $10 flashcart for my DS Lite and was surprised to find it came with a Turbografx emulator that played ISOs!

4K: https://image.ibb.co/mSSPYx/2016_10_25_22_16_12.jpg

It's not terribly creative, but here ya go. ;)
Quote from: bartre on 07/02/2017, 09:49 PMAnd a little something from Roflmao, thanks so much dude!:
Glad you could make it down to my neck of the woods! We'll have to do that again.
Off-Topic / Re: KC TurboFest
07/06/2017, 07:08 PM
Quote from: bartre on 07/02/2017, 09:50 PMIMG

That was a ton of fun! I hope it becomes a thing.
Quote from: schweaty on 06/08/2017, 07:48 PMIMG

so... i'm a dreamcast guy now?  is that right?  that doesnt sound right  :-k
Sweet score! If you ever want to play Phantasy Star Online ... online again, check this out: http://blog.kazade.co.uk/p/dreampi.html Then shoot me a PM and we can play together. :)
Quote from: esteban on 06/05/2017, 04:28 PM
Quote from: gynt on 06/05/2017, 11:17 AMthat duck still haunts me.  all these years later, all the other crap around here, and that duck still haunts me

This is me. Taken from a recent silly golf tournament that I attended where we were supposed to wear stick-on mustaches, so I made mine a soul patch gone wild. :)

Here's a good spot where it's super easy to max out your score. All it takes is time. :D

I'm bumping this thread because I was wondering if we'd started a speed run score since it's been proven that max score can be accomplished. I finished the game in about an hour and 5 minutes tonight while streaming on twitch, but I'm sure it can be finished faster: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/139275918

I'm going by when I start playing and when I defeat King Drool. :D
Not quite as high as my previous post, but I just played through it on Twitch and broke 13 million: :D


You can watch it here:
Woo, slightly higher score! (Still not even close to Cabbage's :/ )

Both of these I've had as either VHS or DVD, but I finally got around to adding them to my LaserDisc library, and the both look phenomenal in that format.

My son and I finally completed Skies of Arcadia on the Dreamcast. Man, what a fun game! Next up, Grandia 2. :D

That pic is so full of win!
EDIT: I had to get my picture taken with him as well. :D
I haven't picked up anything gaming related in awhile, but came across this for about $8 and couldn't say no.

I haven't played this in ages. I sold my U.S. copy probably 2 decades ago. It's still pretty fun! I was surprised that there's even a widescreen mode in the Options menu, though the HUD and cut-scenes are stretched.


I guess I've been on a Ghost in the Shell kick lately because I have the Laserdisc arriving shortly as well. Maybe it's because the movie is coming out soon. I know some of you are probably groaning, but I can't wait to see how it turns out. They posted the first 5 minutes today and it's straight out of the anime:
Off-Topic / Re: Yes or no?
03/16/2017, 02:39 PM
My pins for this year's TurboFest gathering have arrived and they look pretty sweet!

Man, I thought I'd posted a higher score here, but I guess not. I had a pretty good run today during lunch, though!


Quote from: cabbage on 05/19/2016, 07:20 AMIMG
1 credit, normal, bomberman (if memory serves--i snapped this screenshot several months ago)
Dang! How is that even possible!? I wish I could see you play; that's truly impressive!
Off-Topic / Re: Weight Loss Challenge #2
01/18/2017, 12:21 PM
Quote from: guest on 10/19/2016, 04:03 PMDon't forget more "limited edition" coins...

While pirating games for profit is pretty crummy, especially when it directly affects this community, those Star Parodier coins are pretty slick. I'm not going to try to get one from the guy, but if I saw one of those at a video game shop or something, I'd totally geek out over it.
General Gaming / Re: DS/3DS Thread
11/15/2016, 03:46 PM
I think I might have posted this already in another thread here, but I recently got an Ace3DS Plus flashcart for my DS Lite and was pleasantly surprised to find it came with a PC Engine emulator. The sound isn't 100% correct (it sounds like it's missing some channels or something) but it's capable of playing disc images, and redbook audio sounds fine. Gameplay and graphics are spot on. What a trip!


Quote from: chany60126 on 11/09/2016, 12:17 AMAfter weeks of practicing, I was finally able to beat Silver Surfer on the NES. It is definitely the hardest game I have ever beaten. IMG
Quote from: Gypsy on 11/06/2016, 10:04 AMA Trek fan and a Kung Pow reference in your location. IMG
I wondered if that was too obscure a reference. :) Now I want to watch Star Trek IV again!

...and I'm always up for watching Kung Pow. That movie never gets old.
General Gaming / Re: Civilization 6
11/05/2016, 10:23 AM
Quote from: wildfruit on 10/25/2016, 07:09 PMCivilization 2 smashes it. I tried 3, didn't like it as much. Haven't tried one since. Should I?
Civ 4 is amazing. I haven't tried 5 or 6 yet because I still have 4 (with the Beyond the Sword expansion) installed.

Civ 6 looks pretty impressive so I'm sure I'll pick it up at some point.

Speaking of Civ games, I found this at a nearby thrift store earlier this week. So many minis! Now I just need to come up with friends to play it with. :p

Off-Topic / Re: Random Pictures Thread
11/05/2016, 12:52 AM
Quote from: esteban on 11/04/2016, 04:15 AMIMG
This is precisely why I can't stay away from pcefx.
I'm really digging what you're creating, Zeta!

I'm not even in the same galaxy as you and Arkhan, but I've had this keyboard since the mid-late 90s and now I'm teaching my 8yr old son how to play on it. In college (late 90s) I used it to create soundtracks for 3d animations I worked on.

I've been tinkering a lot with my DS Lite, now that I have a flashcard that can obey. :P


It's an Ace3ds plus card and cost just under $10 shipped from HK. It can play most (all?) DS games, but the magic for me is the emulators included. It comes with emulators for NES/SNES/Genesis/OBEY/GB/GBC/Neo Geo, but really all I've done is obey on it since it arrived. The screen is really nice, though sound emulation is not great. Redbook audio is perfect but sampled sounds dont seem to work right, or at all.
I may be one of the few, but I enjoyed playing through the first Evolution on the Dremcast bitd. But once I got my hands on Skies of Arcadia, I totally lost interest in getting Evolution's sequel.

Just recently I found out that both the first and second game were compiled together as Evolution Worlds for the Gamecube and I found a copy for under $10 and had to pick it up.


I'm only an hour or so in now, but I like what they've done so far. It seems they've abridged the first episode quite a bit to get people to experience the second episode. The graphics look great on the Gamecube via s-video.

My Halloween watch. :D
The re-release arrived! (a little while ago)

WOOOO! I finally beat Air Zonk! It's been a long time coming. I've gotten "this close" so many times.

I picked up an X-Arcade Dual Joystick along with a bunch of console adapters during a Black Friday deal 3 or 4 years ago and have been very happy with it.


I know there are joystick elitists out there that think these are shit, but I guess I'm not enough of a hardcore gamer to get it. They come with a lifetime guarantee and when I had issues with one of the switches, they sent me enough spare parts to pretty much rebuild it if I ever need to.
Woo! Finally broke 3 million!  :dance:


I just played through Doraemon - Meikyu Daisakusen. :D




I've never played it before, but I'm hoping there's a difficulty setting in the main menu.  I'll tinker with it later.

It was a lot of fun, but way too easy and very repetitive by the end. (60 rounds!)

Thanks again!
Quote from: Otaking on 01/10/2016, 02:39 PMMy 8 year old daughter loves Canada Dry Ginger Ale, we only let her have one of the mini cans though.

Those are adorable. I'd get some if my local grocery store carried them just because they are so cute. :)
Thanks again, deubeul!